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New ISKON temple near VasanthPura , Bangalore

The ISKON krishna Radha temple is the new temple being constructed by ISKON foundation near VasanthPura , Bangalore. This is on the hill top and one of the awesome locations to visit in Bangalore . This is location around 18kms from the city centre.

The temple is still under construction and the construction plan is awesome where they plan to construct a 600 feet gopuram which will also be a view point in the near future. Looking forward for this awesome structure.

You may visit this place after 5 in the evening to get darshanam and also enjoy the cool breeze. One gets a great city view of Bangalore South from this location. SavanDurga hills can be viewed from here at a long distance.

View from the hill top

View of city from hill top

View of city from hill top

Temple darshan timings

Radha Krishna  ISKON temple under construction

City view from hill top

Awesome city view from hill top