Kiran Bedi - first women IPS

" My motto in life is that nothing is impossible, no target unachievable - one just has to try harder and harder."

" I believe sunshine is for recharging and channelising our energies and not discharging them. Those of us who live this belief remains a source of sustained energy for humankind.

Whatever be the temptations, or compulsions, let there be no clause for 'ifs' or 'buts'...in principled living."

Everything in life is a mixed bag. It depends on what one is looking for.

As long as women continue to be in a position of receiving rather than giving, they shall continue to bear injustice.
Empowered women who reach tough or unconventional positions make choices not sacrifices.

Decision-making, in certain situations, is always controversial. The only way one can avoid this is to take NO decisions and leave the problem as it is. Seniors who do not solve a problem become a part of the problem themselves.

Affluent modern plastering will keep the oldest profession thriving... and women crying foul when the deals go sour.

We can start the change from own homes, neighborhoods, bastis, villages and schools.

What a national revolution it would be if each one of us were to self-police.

There are self-chosen exercises to move forward.

People who do not take charge of their lives are lathi-charged by time.

Corruption cannot be removed without reducing the gap between the governing and the governed.

Terrorism anywhere is a threat for humanity.

Bonding cannot happen without a strong shift in prevailing attitudes.

For me a new phase of life has begun! one of perpetual gratitude and sharing of joy
What a national revolution it would be if each one of us were to self police.

Ethics, decency and morality are the real soldiers

There are self-chosen exercises to move forward.

Value strengths and build on the, while correcting ills along the way

Ethics, decency and morality are the real soldiers.

What is the value of education which does not inculcate passion and fearlessness for setting right what is wrong?

“There is nothing unfinished on my agenda. I do whatever I can for the day. Simple! If I were to die today; I will depart with nothing impending”.

“Works gives me ‘JOY’ and every beginnings is a path of self discovery.”

“I have always nurtured a zeal inside me to live and serve the underprivileged community.”

“I take is in stride, Although I feel content with all that I have, I have never rested on my past laurels, simply as I feel that there is a lot of look ahead and the grand finale is yet to come”.