Yoga to combat anxiety and Depression

Well all experience anxiety and depression at some point in our lives . It is normal reaction to stress fully demanding situations. It adversely affects our work and mental health when it occurs too often and lasts too long

Depression and anxiety take on the form of a disease when they affect you for months and disturb the quality of life when it becomes mandatory to seek medical help.

The number of people suffering from anxiety and depression is on the increase and has become a common problem of modern progressive affluent society.

Knee stretch

Yoga to combat anxiety and Depression
Knee Squat

Sthithi : Tadasana


  • While exhaling squat down on the feet, place the palms on the outer sides of  the feet
  • While inhaling return to Tadasana
  • Move up and down rapidly
  • Repeat about 40 to 50 times
In sitting position keep the knees together and ensure that the entire heels and palms are on the ground

"This is a collected article from Sri Swami Vivekananda Yoga research Foundation . Simple yoga books are available at the institute. Our sincere thanks to Dr R Nagarathna and Dr H R Nagendra for sharing the details."