Why should you quit smoking/using tobacco - here are some reasons

Stop Smoking and use of Tobacco products  !

One of the most poisonous things which man know in this world is Tobacco. If the amount of tobacco a cigarette contains is injected to a human using an injection , within 2 seconds he may leave this world ! Also this is one of the most addictive things , which leaves most of the people attracted.

It is estimated , around 15 million people smoke everyday . An Indian smokes an average of 130 cigarettes in a year. On a average 35% of men, 20% of women  and 20% of teens are addicted to smoking.  Everyday around 6000 adults, 150 teens get try to get into smoking.

Tobacco and its variants in the form of cigarette,beedis,Hukka,Cigar,Chutta,Jardha,Gutkha,Kaini etc which cause cancer are already known to most of the people. But these diseases show their symptoms at later stages may be after 30-40 years which leaves the people neglect the side effects at the initial stages.

Each cigarette we smoke , reduces our life by 7 minutes ! Around 5 million people die every year and in India around 1 million people die due to this addiction. Of those , working people around the age 35 - 63 years are high. This has resulted in a loss of 60 million years of man power worth 200 million dollars.

Of the different reasons where people die because of heart attack, Accidents,Crime,Suicide,Liquor,HIV etc , smoking  affects more than 5 times of these. Tobacco contains around 4000 chemicals , of which around 400 are really dangerous.  These affect the human body slowly and may result in hangovers at later stages. This fact is realized from a history which happened in America where in the year 1945 , the use of tobacco was very high , most of the people were diagnosed with cancer in the year 1985 i.e, after 40 years.

Those who smoke 25 cigarettes a day for more than 20 years are sure of getting cancer , heart attacks, respiratory diseases as per studies and events from history.  Hence our motto should be

  • Take responsibility to reduce the use of tobacco and its products & remove their addiction
  • To stop those who are newly getting attracted and addicted.
Stop smoking

If you decide to quit smoking now -

  • Within 20 minutes - your heart beat , blood pressure will come back to normal states.
  • Within 12 hours , carbon-dioxide level in the body stabilizes.
  • Within 2 to 12 weeks - blood flow stabilizes , Respiratory organs strengthen up.
  • Within 1 to 9 months - there will be no dry cough symptoms.
  • With 1 to 5 years - Chances of heart attacks , respiratory diseases reduce
  • Not only stabilizes your health but also your family's health.
  • Consuming tobacco in any form is not good to health , hence do not get addicted. You may take necessary medical assistance to quit the habit.

Well , If you are not a smoker - you do have some responsibilities - 

  • Don't escape saying "If he smokes , how does it matter to me" , as it indirectly affects your health as well.
  • If people smoke in your home , educate them immediately to quit smoking and assist with medication.Keep children away from such people , because it causes some irritations in children and tend to repeat if not cured at initial stages.
  • Do protest against such activities at public places, rather than keeping quiet