Makkala Kuuta , Children Play ground - near Chamarajpet , Bangalore

Makkala Kuuta - Akila Karnataka Children's Association

Makkala Kuuta is a very old play ground dating 30-40 years for childrens situated near Chamrajpet , Bangalore and is 1 km away from the center of the city. This is one of the social gathering place in Bangalore , where summer camps , extra-curricular activities for children are conducted during almost all seasons in the year. 

Children may find it very entertaining here as they get to play outdoor games here. You can visit your children to this place in the morning before 12:00 or in the evening after 16:00 hrs.

Below are few snaps taken by our team to help you to locate the place.

Makkala Kuuta - Children's Play ground 

Makkala Kuuta - Bangalore - Childrens Play area

Makkala Kuuta - Banagalore - Childrens Play area

Makkala Kuuta - Bangalore - Childrens Play Area