Sri MalliKarjuna Swamy Temple , Basavangudi , Bangalore

Out of the ancient temples in Bangalore , Basavangudi's Famous Bugal rock , karanji Anjaneya,Dodda Ganapathi and Dodda Basavanna temples are in the list. Sri Mallikarjuna temple is also one among them. This temple has a history of about 300 years.

Sri MalliKarjuna Swamy Temple , Basavangudi , Bangalore

If we go back to the year 1689, we get the history of this temple. In the year 1689 , when Sri Chikadeveraya ruled Bangalore , just like the fort built by Sri Kempegowda , he also had built a fort , the Kote venkataramana swamy temple is also one of his contributions. As per history , this temple was developed by him.

Chikkadevaraya had appointed 3 subordinates to look after Bangalore. Of them Sri AchyuthaRaya during the year 1710 , had taken care the development activities of this temple. During 1799 , when British invaded Bangalore , many business men had feared and left Bangalore and no people activity were found in this place for some time. During this period , many temples without development activities and vigilance moved towards deterioration. Of these , Sri Mallikarjuna temple was also one.
Sri MalliKarjuna Swamy Temple , Basavangudi , Bangalore

Now during the 20th century , Bangalore developed a lot, Central college was very famous. The science lecturer of this college  Sri Bellave VenkataNaranappa while laying foundation to this house in Basavangudi , found nearby lord Shiva Ling and the temple left outs. He later went through the records , history of the temple  and realized the importance of this temple. During 1903 , this temple was fully developed by him and was open to people for worship. Since then many people have visited this temple and received the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Temple is built in Dravidian style. Shiv Ling is established in the square shaped garbagruga. It also has idols of Lord Ganapathi and Goddess Parvathi and houses a navagraha temple. This place is very calm and suitable for meditation also.

Karnataka's literature legendary Sri DV Gundappa (DVG) , Sri K.R. Seetharam Shastry who were localities here used to conduct many programs here in the temple premises.

You can visit this temple along with your family any day between 07 to 12 AM in the morning or after 4 pm to 8 pm in the evening. There is a good arrangement for parking facilities.