Bangalore Palace - an incredible journey to royal history

We recently visited Bangalore palace which is inside the Palace grounds around 5 kms from the city center. This was one of the amazing heritage tour which took us to the royal history of our Maharajas & British period who ruled Bangalore before independence during the 18th and 19th century . This palace was constructed during the mid 18th century by British and later was purchased by Mysore Wodeyar Maharaja family.We bring you out our visit experience which may help you to plan visit to this awesome monument.

Well, this palace is inside the palace grounds with ample space surrounding with parks and plantations. Please note there is an entry fee if you want to go inside the palace. However you are allowed to view the palace from outside , but photography is strictly not allowed!  A entry fee of Rs.225 is charged for Indian visitors , Rs.450 for foreign visitors and if you wish to take photos inside & around the palace - a extra ticket of Rs.675 has to be taken, now that's a Royal entry !! We found this worth once we experienced the palace.
Make sure you carry some photo identify proof which could be a PAN card , Driving licence , company ID card etc and for foreigners a passport would suffice, as this is collected and kept at the counter for security reasons , you may collect it only on exit !

Once you get the tickets , an audio guide device & headset will be given and instructions will be provided by the staff on how to use it while you enter each division in the palace. This device looks similar to a mobile device with keypads where you can key in to get pre-loaded information. This comes in different languages which you may select at the counter and you may need to hang this around your neck.The information provided in very good.

Inside the palace

Well , we don't want to mention in detail to keep the tourism interest and would recommend you to visit personally to enjoy the place. Here is a brief on what you will get to see inside the palace

  • Amazing prolific royal wooden carvings , idols , statues , roof paints , sculptures , structure designs.
  • Photo images and history of Rajas , Maharajas , British men , people during the 18th & 19th century who ruled Bangalore during their reign.
  • Awesome lighting ,seating arrangements, discussion rooms , private rooms etc.
  • Prolific artistic Paintings . (Some naked paintings may shy you out ! )
  • Festivals celebrations photos.
  • Instruments , Weapons used for hunting and photos.
  • History Books library.

Inside view Images are purposefully not posted here to keep tourism interest.

Outside the palace

  • Beautiful park in front of the palace

Below  are few snaps of the palace we captured during our visit.

Bengaluru Palace - Awesome View

Bengaluru Palace - Front View

Bengaluru Palace - Glass house beside Palace
Bengaluru Palace - Old house beside Palace

Bengaluru Palace - park old chairs 

Bengaluru Palace - Park in front

Bengaluru palace - Side View

Bengaluru Palace grounds - Telecom Tower nice view

Bengaluru Palace View - from park inside
Best time to visit this palace would be between 11 AM to 5 PM , palace is open on days except may be on national holidays. This is ample space for parking , playing etc which makes it a wonderful relaxing one day visit on a weekend. Hope this helps to plan your visit , please share your visit experiences.