Chikka Tirupathi Temple , near Bengaluru

Our team happen to visit during their expedition , this very famous ancient temple of historical importance which is at around 40kms from Bengaluru city center. This is towards East Bengaluru on  Sarjapur - Hoskote National Highway. It is at 15 kms from Kolar and Malur.

Lord Sri Venkateshwara is worshiped here. "Chikka" means Small . Everyone is aware of Tirupathi in Andhra pradesh. It is believed, one should visit this temple before  visiting Tirupathi temple to get the blessings of the Lord.

History of this temple - 

India is known for having many religious holy pilgrimage and sacred places. Of these Chikka Tirupathi is also one such sacred place located in South Karnataka , Kolar district , Malur Taluk .

During 2nd and 3rd century , Kolar was rules by Ganga dynasty. During that period this place was divided into small territories / region. Of them "KolalaNaadu" was famous. 

In Karnataka - Cholas , Pallavas , Kadambas , Holysala , Ballala,Vijayanagar kings - all of them contributed to wonderful temples and scriptures during their reign. This temple is believed to be developed further during Cholas period. As per temple history records , in Hindu Epic Mahabharatha - Lord Agni (god of fire) during Kandava Dahana - was punished with a shaap (curse) from a snake "Takshak". To overcome this , lord agni conducted hard tapasya (meditation) towards Lord Vishnu. Pleased with his praying, Lord Vishnu appeared before Agni and blessed with curse redemption. In remembrance, Agni established Lord Vishnu Idol , since then which has been blessing to many devotees all over.

Special poojas are conducted here during Vaikunta Ekadashi , New year , Chaitra Maasa Full moon day. 

Below are few snaps of this temple. Click on the image for good view.

Chikka Tirupathi temple - History 

Chikka Tirupathi temple - view 2
Chikka Tirupathi temple-Inside View 

Chikka Tirupathi temple - Gopuram

Chikka Tirupathi temple - view 1
Chikka Tirupathi temple - Front view

Chikka Tirupathi temple - Banyan trees
Chikka Tirupathi temple - Santhe / Mela
Chikka Tirupathi temple - Banyan Tree
Temple is open from morning 06 AM to evening 07 AM . Best time to visit this temple would be early during morning and evening hours. Temple is usually crowded with many devotees and tourists throughout all days.

There is a Santhe (Mela) conducted in front of the temple where you can buy fresh vegetables , fruits , food items etc. Also are many petty shops where you can buy a souvenir to remember your visit.

Hope this article is useful to plan your visit -  a good long journey hang out with your family .  Share your visit experiences.

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