MuthyalaMaduvu , Pearl Valley , Anekal , near Bengaluru

In this post , we bring you out what we experienced at Muthyala Madavu the pearl valley which is about 5 kms from Anekal , the south Taluk of Bengaluru Urban.

Muthyala maduvu - Water Falls
Muthyala Madavu is one of the tourist attractions and a famous nature picnic spot. It is famous for its water falls the droplets of which resemble like a pearl and the temple inside the forest. It is a treat to Nature lovers and mountain trekkers. Our team in their recent visit  have explored the area and have shared their experiences which we bring it you in this post.

Muthyala maduvu - 2nd water fall spot
Our team started off their trip to this spot on a mid sunny day , they went by car and reached Anekal Bus stop by 11:00 AM . Bit confused with many cross roads , they queried the people on the way who guided them very well as this place is very popular there. They reached the spot without any fuss by 11:15 AM.  On the way they had to pay Rs.30 as an entree fee at a barricade. Although this did not seem to be the government one , they continued paying the fee , after reaching the spot they paid Rs.10 for parking.  we noticed there were not much hotels or shops on the way and only after reaching the spot , a KSTDC constructed restaurant and few petty shops were present. Although its KSTDC constructed , it was run by some private people.  We later noticed this was a Bar & restaurant. So we recommend people who come here to come well equipped with their favorite foods and water.

Muthyala maduvu - Water Falls

Muthyala maduvu - Shiva Nandi Temple & Idols

Muthyala maduvu - 2nd water fall spot hill
We just relaxed and asked the shop keeper about the way to spot. They guided us very well and informed there are around 300 steps down we may take to reach the 1st water fall & shiva temple , then later from there a half kilometer by walk through the forest path to view the 2nd water fall.  They also advised it was safe and nothing to worry about the forest. We passed on , initially the steps were fast , later as it was little wet we had to step in slowly. There was a great feel of entering into the forest by this time . On the sides we noticed small ponds , rock faces and thick greenery with chirping sounds.  After some 300 steps and walk of  20-30 meters we reached the 1st spot. The temple had a small white shiva ling , Naga idols and Nandi . We took the blessings and approached the water falls.  We had a carry bag which had few bananas and oranges - the time we reached here , a group of monkeys snatched the carry bag within no time . Beware of them !! They are all over there.
Muthyala maduvu - Path to second falls 2

Muthyala maduvu - Forest View
As the name suggests , watching the droplets was a pleasure and it resembles as if a pearl is falling on the rock. The water flow was quite slow as this year rain was little less in this region. We came to know , there was a path top reach from top to the bottom on the hotel backside, we noticed few young chaps taking that difficult route.  We also noticed few groups had a good time with some hot drinks for the chilled day !!
Muthyala maduvu - Hotel View from down

Muthyala maduvu - Forest View 2
Muthyala maduvu - Goats on the way
After spilling some water & fun we moved on to the 2nd spot. The path to this 2nd spot was not that easy , there was some trees blocking the roads which we had to carefully overcome and bumpy rocky paths , we were welcomed by some goats having their lunch on the forest bushes.After passing through around 500 meters we reached our spot. But the path still continued which seemed to be never ending passing through the big forest hills. At the spot we noticed a quite big pond , the flow was less here as well. We noticed this was the highest peak from which the flow would come down in the region. Although it was a pleasure , we were little disappointed as we could not experience the full water fall flow.  After spending few minutes , we started heading back. 

Muthyala maduvu - Green fields
Muthyala maduvu - Scenic spot1
This was the toughest task of our journey. Heading back climbing the bumpy paths and stairs was little tiring. After reaching back , we now went on the backside of the KSTDC hotel to get a glimpse of the view spot. What a great view it was. This hotel has a balcony - a view from this balcony keeps one mesmerized.  There also a small dam constructed in front of the hotel which may be for collecting rain water. It was around 04:00 PM we left the spot after having a great time there. 

The best season to visit this spot would be just at the end of rainy season in November. The roads are good and hence travel should be easy by any vehicle. A great spot to enjoy with your family and friends. If you are accompanied with aged people , take care about the 300 steps , coming back would be really tiresome for them. The spot usually has a fair visitors inflow till noon. A visit in the evening may show us a good sunset. But as its a forest area and animals may come out during night for hunt, we recommend to plan day trips.

Hope this helps to some to plan their trip. Share your visit experiences.

Muthyala maduvu - Hotel

Muthyala maduvu - Path to second Falls

Muthyala maduvu - Path to water falls

Muthyala maduvu - Path view

Muthyala maduvu - Rock face

Muthyala maduvu - Small Dam

Muthyala maduvu - Steps
Muthyala maduvu-path

Muthyala maduvu - temple