BettaDaasanaPura ThimmarayaSwamy ancient temple

Exploring old historic spots in Bangalore , our team recently visited ThimmaraayaSwamy temple at BettaDaasanaPura - a village in Bangalore south. This is located at 20 kms from Bangalore center.

BettaDaasanaPura ThimmarayaSwamy ancient temple 1
Fort remains

BettaDaasanaPura ThimmarayaSwamy ancient temple 2
Temple front view
This temple is believed to be existing since more than around 1500 years and is believed to be established by Sage Gauthama who had performed penance here. Temple is on top of the small hill , which was earlier surrounded by a fort during the reign of the kings. Now these forts are devastated and only few parts remain. The priest whose family is serving from ages say - Kings used to visit this temple and their servants used to guard the forts.

BettaDaasanaPura ThimmarayaSwamy ancient temple 3
Hill top view
 Idols of Lord Srinivasa (Thimmaraya Swamy) , Lakshmi , Padmavathi , Ganapathi , Kashi Vishwanatha , Parvathi are present here. For most of the people in the surrounding 21 villages Lord Srinivasa is the deity worshiped here.   Betta means Hill and Daasa means devotee . So its believed , there were many devotees visiting this temple earlier which later led to the village name as BettaDaasanaPura.

BettaDaasanaPura ThimmarayaSwamy ancient temple 4
Rock View

Temple is recently renovated with the new structure , however the main chamber is still supported by stone pillars. There is also a small kalyani beside the temple top hill , where water is always available which is very strange says the priest as there is no source of water even bore-wells till 1000 ft depth in surrounding areas.

BettaDaasanaPura ThimmarayaSwamy ancient temple 5

Temple is not usually crowded and is open 3 times in a week for darshan especially on Saturdays and Sundays between morning 7 to 12 PM and evening between 4.30 to 6.30 PM . One may get a good view of Electronic City and other surroundings from this temple top hill.

A very nice & cool destination to visit with friends and family . Do visit this place and share your visit experiences.