Donate old Newspapers , Be Social , Help Kidney patients

Dear Reader , nowadays we may have noticed patients suffering from Kidney related problems which require regular dialysis at medical centers . These checkups may be affordable to many , but some poor people still find it to difficult to get this treated due to their financial status. In few cases they manage to reach government hospitals where they get treated at a lesser cost.

As we all know - in Bangalore , practically there are very less centres offering free medical treatment and especially to kidney related issues it is still scarce. So how should poor people below poverty line afford to such treatments ? One of the organisation in Bangalore had the same question and have started a step to provide a lending hand to the poor.

"Arpana Foundation" in Bangalore , have started a unique service which not only helps you to clear off some old stuffs from your home , but also get awareness on kidney related issues and makes you contribute a small penny towards helping poor. Here is how the concept works
Donate Old newspapers , Help Kidney patients

  • This foundation collects old news papers from you
  • You just need to call their number and they come to your doorstep and collect the papers. Isint it that simple , even old paper mart shop keepers don't have such service !
  • The collected newspaper are then sold to marts and the money collected is shared within government hospitals network for free kidney dialysis 
  • Not only they collect the papers , they also educate during their visit with short awareness program on kidney related disorders and precautions to avoid them. 
Many people in Bangalore are already lending their hand and contributing to this organization. We wish every Bengalurian to come forward and participate actively in this noble move which not only comes at free service but also , helps in keeping your store clean and at the same time a feel of helping others which never dies !!

Organization representatives may be contacted   at this no - +91 9845201563

So what are you waiting for . Dial the above number and get your old newspapers flushed off !!  If you are 
  • Working - share this with your Store Administrator & colleagues
  • At home - Share this with your neighbors & society centers.
  • At a party with friends & family - Share with them.
** This was a published article in one of the kannada news daily . We have shared here to help the message reach to our blog readers.  **