Melukote DhanushKoti Hill - Bangalore weekend picnic destinations

In this article we share our visit experience of "DhanushKoti Hill"  at Melukote , a town in Mandya district which attracts with its serene beauty and historic spots - 150 kms from Bangalore.

Melukote DhanushKoti Hill Top

This hill view is at the end of the road where CheluvaNarayanaSwamy temple , Akka Tangi Kola and Raya Gopura are present and usually people visit here as the last destination of interest.  This is about 1 km from RayaGopura and the road to reach here is little tampered. 

As per the local people , it is believed during Ramayana , Sri Rama and SitaDevi had stayed at this spot sometime during their exile period of 14 years. One day , when Sita felt thirsty and informed Ram, as there were no water sources nearby its believed Ram shot an arrow through the rock side and water gushed in which filled the thirst of Sita. 

Melukote DhanushKoti - Hill top pond , Rama Sita , Laxman, Hanuman rock carvings
Today this spot attracts fair amount of visitors who come with their family and friends to enjoy the relaxing breeze over the hill top. There are very good arrangements made to reach the hill top climbing few stairs and a small rest place where one gets a good view of Melukote locality. Few petty hawkers selling Mangoes , Jack fruits , Cucumbers , Butter Milk and Bhel puri may be seen.

Melukote DhanushKoti - Hill top Sacred Food steps

Melukote DhanushKoti - Hill top temple view

Melukote DhanushKoti - Hill top Rest point

Melukote DhanushKoti - Hill top Hanuman Temple

Melukote DhanushKoti - Hill top pond
Melukote DhanushKoti Hill Stairs

Melukote DhanushKoti - Hill top view

Melukote DhanushKoti - Hill top view
Melukote DhanushKoti - Mantaps on the way

Even today the hill top pond is considered sacred and people who visit here sprinkle it as tirtha over their head to get the blessings. One will notice people tie bangles near the hill top Hanuman temple submitting their benedictions.

Overall a very nice must visit spot for tourist visiting Melukote. Best time to visit this temple would be early morning or late evening hours to feel the cool breeze with mouth watering snacks . Best lovers spot too ! Do visit here and share your experiences. Check out our touring spots guide for more details on other spots.