MeluKote Kalyani Pushkarani - Bangalore Weekend picnic destinations

In this article we share our visit experience to "Kalyani / PushKarini" at Melukote , a town in Mandya district which attracts with its serene beauty and historic spots - 150 kms from Bangalore.

Kalyani is a basically pond constructed in the temple campus  for the pilgrims to take sacred bath. There are many such temples housing such ponds , while Melukote has one such pond for devotees visiting Yoganarasimha swamy temple and ChevulaNarayanaswamy temple.

Special functions such as Kalyanothsava are conducted in this Kalyani during the period of Vairamudi Utsav conducted here. It is surrounded by Mantaps / sanctums supported by stone pillars with very good carvings on the walls which reminds the Vijayanagar art culture. 

Fantastic view of Kalyani from Yoga Narasimha temple

Kalyani waters - Yoga Narasimha swamy temple seen

Melukote Kalyani 

Kalyani Mantap Pillars

Kalyani Mantap

A very nice must visit spot in Melukote and enjoy a dip in this kalyani. Other places of interest here are the YogaNarasimha Swamy temple , CheluvaNarayanaSwamy temple , RayaGopura , DhanushKoti . Do visit this place and share your experience.