Melukote Yoganarasimha Swamy Temple , Bangalore picnic spots

 In this article we share our visit experience of "Sri YogaNarasimhaSwamy temple"  at Melukote , a town in Mandya district which attracts with its serene beauty and historic spots - 150 kms from Bangalore.

Situated at around 1700 mts from sea level , this temple is visible from far places reaching Melukote. Similar to Cheluva Narayanaswamy temple , this too has a history dating back during the period of Hoysalas , then the Vijayanagar kings and Mysore kings. The idol is believed to be established by Prahaladha himself , the son of daemon Hiranyakashyap who was killed by Lord Narasimha. Mysore kings have donated a golden crown to the temple Idol.

Melukote YogaNarasimha temple view from Kalyani

Melukote YogaNarasimha temple Gopura

Temple has a 2 square sanctums with 2 gopura . The entrance gopura is the highest one and is visible to far places , while the main sanctum gopura is newly constructed and visible only on entering the temple. It was a hot sunny day when we visited here and all of us were fully drowned sweating reaching here.  The black Idol of Lord Narasimha is seen in sitting posture along with Lakshmi. The inner sanctums are supported with plain stone pillars.

Melukote YogaNarasimha temple sanctum Gopura

Melukote YogaNarasimha temple side view

This temple is on hill top with about 365 stairs. One may take the path right from first stair starting from the Melkote Kalyani or after a road which covers around 100 steps. The stairs are steep and one should carefully climb up. There are many rest points for elders who may taste the butter milk , ice creams on the way up.

Melukote YogaNarasimha temple stairs

Melukote YogaNarasimha temple entrance stairs

One may experience the cool breeze and beautiful scene from the top of this temple and a glimpse of entire Melkote region.

Melukote YogaNarasimha temple - View from top

Fantastic view of Kalyani & surroundings

Temple is open between morning 6.30 to 12.00 PM and at evening between 04.30 to 08 PM.  A very nice and must visit spot in Melukote for tourists. Do visit here with your family and friends and share us your experience.

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