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Venugopalaswamy temple , Kannambadi - Bangalore picnic destinations - Part 2

In our previous article the temple view was covered, In this second post of Venugopalaswamy temple , Kannambadi - we cover the surrounding view of the temple. 

National Highway connecting to temple
As it was evening , we had a chance to capture sunset moments . It was around 6.20 pm when the sun started descending over Cauvery river created a orange gold sky reflecting on the water increasing the surrounding beauty.

Cauvery River Banks and KRS Dam
 Best time to visit this spot would be in the evening between 4.PM to 6.30 PM . Swimming though is allowed on the river banks , but should be very precautionary people nearby say currents are more at specific spots and recently few trying to swim had also drowned. So if you are not a good swimmer , we recommend not to enter into waters here.

Cauvery River Banks
For food , there were few mobile shops selling cool ice creams , the special Bhel puri or Churmuri , Fruits , cool drinks , chips etc just the right savories to catch up the pleasant evening.

Sunset View - Temple Left Mantaps 
 So, if you are looking for a weekend picnic along with your family or friends - this is one of the best spots to visit and relax. Do visit this place and share your experiences.

Sunset View - Temple Right Mantaps

Sunset over Cauvery river