Someshwara temple , Magadi - Bangalore weekend destinations

In this post , we share our visit experience to one of the awesome spots of Magadi - Sri Someshwara temple . This spot is about 55 kms from Bangalore and 1 km from Magadi town.

Magadi was formed during the 12 century which has seen many reigns including the Cholas , Hoysalas , Vijayanagar Kings , the Mysore Wodeyars etc. During the period of Sri.Kempegowda - the founder of Bendakaalooru ( the present Bengaluru ) , it found its heights with many reforms happening in this region. Later his son Mummudi Kempegowda , the next grandchildren - DoddaVeerappa , next KempaVeraappa gowda ruled this region. This temple is believed to be constructed during the period of KempaVeraappa gowda during 1512 as per the copper plates and old wall carvings available even now with a history of about 500 years.

This temple is constructed in the Dravidian Style , has small gopurams on all 4 sides of the temple. The temple gopuram was struck with a thunderbolt and had got damaged few 100 years back which has been renovated in a fine way by the Archaeological department of Karnataka. On the pillars , beautiful sculpture work  of animals , birds , dancers are carved.   

Lord Shiva in the form of Someshwara Linga which is at a height of about 3 feet from ground level , with Nandi Idol in front is the main deity worshiped here.  In the surrounding mantaps - Goddess Parvathi idol of about 5 feet , Sri Satyanarayana Idol of 4 feet are consecrated.  There is also a Nrutya Mantapa (Dance Floor) known as Kempegowda Hazara - where cultural functions are believed to be arranged. On the roof top of this mantap , beautiful paintings were depicted of which only few remains are visible now.

Some of the stone pillars used in the Mantapa , when tapped with some coin etc make a sound of copper metal . In this spot , one may view the area where Kempegowda used to give judgments during meetings.

Bramharathotsava function is another main event attracting thousands of devotees here during the period of Rathasapthami.  Temple is usually open in the morning between 7 to 11 AM and in the evening between 4 to 6 PM.  We recommend to visit here during 8.30 to 10.00 AM.

There is also a Nandi idol mantap consecrated on a rock of about 30 feet which seem to be identification of the region boundaries. 

The priests/deekshits here must be really praised - when we reached the spot the temple door was closed . We called up the priests on their mobile displayed on the door who informed shall reach temple to arrange pooja , although they had to take care of other temples nearby - which may be due to less frequent visitors to this temple.

Overall a very good spot to visit with your family and friends. Do visit this spot and share your experience.