Brahma's "Shi - Dha - Ra" advise - interesting story

As per Hindu myth , Lord Brahma is considered as creator of this universe  , who also created the The Devataas , Humans & Raskshasaas who always adored his advice. Once all three approached him to take his advice for their well-being.

Devataas approached Brahma asking his advice . Brahma replied with a one letter advise "Shi"  . All devataas seemed to have understood the subtle meaning of this letter , thanked brahma and started returning back. Brahma took by a surprise asked them what did they understand from this one letter. The devataas replied they understood it as "Shisthu" meaning Discipline.  Brahma was happy with their answer and replied "Brilliant Devataas ! You have guessed it right.  Following discipline with due dedication is very much essential for your existence . You all have forgotten your duties , thinking you are greater than others , filled with ego & developed enmity. By involving more in activities like Drinks , Dance you are undisciplined. It is essential to remove this stupidity and live in unity"

Next Humans approached seeking advice and Brahma replied with a letter "Dha" . Even humans seemed to have understood the meaning.  When Brahma asked - they replied they understood it as "Dhaana - Dharma" i.e, ( Charity & Religious) .  Brahma was happy & replied - "Excellent ! Humans are becoming selfish thinking more only about themselves & their family , and are little / not  interested in well-being & suffering of others in the society , sometimes even having the feel of otherness / distinction  within the family members themselves. In such a situation doing charity and being religious will help and I will also be happy as a father being your creator"

Lastly the Raakshasaas approached seeking advice.  Brahma replied with letter "Ra". They too understood the meaning as "Rakshana" i.e Protection. Brahma replied - "Good , you too have correctly guessed . It should not just be limited to saying but should be followed. You are of a character filled with eager & urgency , always thinking of revenge , beating , killing etc. Turn your capabilities instead towards Protecting & serving others which not only helps you but also the society around you."

In his 3 letters Brahma has shared a meaningful advise for everybody's well-being -  "To have a discipline in life , live in unity ,  care for others in the society with charity , chastity  & protection" .   If you find this advice meaningful for your current society , show you care them by sharing this message.