Vaastu tips for kitchen

The term Vaastu - meaning a dwelling place was initially used to refer to homes of gods and human beings which can create miraculous changes in one's life. Later with time it became associated with the right location as well as design of almost any and every structure. Vaastu shasthra - the science of built area is an ancient Indian architectural science with studies of the forces of nature and their effect on an individual's immediate environment. This science is perfectly in tune with natural laws and lays down the rules to create harmonious environments for living by connecting individual with cosmic forces surrounding us.

In this post , few vaastu tips for Kitchen is shared -

  • Kitchen should be ideally towards South-East , the direction of God of Fire (Agneya). Alternatively , it can be located in the north West (Vayavya) also
  • Kitchen door should open in North . North east or East directions in clockwise manner
  • You should avoid having kitchen at the north east corner of the house as it may lead to unrest , quarrels , tension or unnecessary expenditure
  • It is recommended to avoid kitchen at south west side as this can also cause difficulties and worries
  • Cook should face East or North. This brings good health for family members and violating this with face towards south could bring financial losses to family
  • All items pertaining to fire or heat should be installed in the South-East corner. The main-switch , generators , microwaves , juicers mixers should be located in south east corner of house
  • Gas stove should be in the south east corner , a few inches away from the wall. It should not be in front of kitchen main door
  • Gas stove or any other cooking material should be placed in such a way as allows the cook to face only towards the East while cooking.
  • If the lady faces west while cooking, it may lead to health problems. Cooking with face towards south may lead to financial problems . No shelf should be placed above cooking gas
  • Cooking stove should not be visible from outside and should be shielded from outsiders.
  • Refrigerator should be in north west , southeast , south or west
  • Kitchen must have adequate cross ventilation , the ventilators and larger kitchen windows should be in the east direction and smaller windows in the south
  • Kitchen sink should be placed in north east
  • Water Filter , other drinking water storage should be done in the north east 
  • Dining table if used should be in North west corner and not in center with face in East or North direction while consuming food
  • Any toilet / bathroom should not share a common wall with kitchen
  • Gas cylinder should be kept in south east , empty cylinder should be kept in south-west
  • If possible cooking gas and washing sink should not be kept very close to each other, reason being fire and water incompatible
  • Storage racks should be made on southern or western wall - essential commodities like grain boxes , spices , pulses etc should be in south or west direction.
  • Water source including pitcher , water filter etc may be kept in north east
  • Ceramic tiles , mosaic , marble are good choices for kitchen flooring. Ceramic tile flooring is recommended to accommodate Indian conditions as it is stain free , dust free and scratch resistant
  •  Color of floor , walls should be yellow , orange , rose , chocolate or red. It should not be black as far as possible
  • Exhaust fan should be installed on eastern wall in south eastern corner

An article contributed by HVH.