Sri Shivanankareshwara swamy temple , Sangama - Weekend Spot near Bengaluru

In this post , we share our team's recent visit experience to Sri Shivanankareshwara swamy temple near Sangama , Kanakapura about 80 km from Bengaluru.

About this temple 

  • Although the temple sanctum is renovated , main idols are believed to be of 900 years ago
  • Deity worshiped is Shiva linga in the form of "Shivanankareshwara swamy"
  • Other idol include Veerabhadreshwara
  • Situated at around 4km from Sangama inside the Mugguru forest area

On Kanakapura - Sangama highway , just before Sangama - we took a left diversion , drove through 4km to reach this spot. Although initial first 1 km path passing through arkavathi river bridge was good with tar roads , remaining path was quite tiring with mud roads inside the Mugguru forest area. There are no shops / restaurants on this path , we recommend those visiting this spot to carry sufficient food supplies. Devotees in surrounding area use Auto-rickshaws , matadors for pickup & drop at this spot.

Temple houses a mantap where villagers utilize for programs like marriage etc . Ratha (chariot)  festival is held every year during the occasion of Village festival.  Has a vadike / stage where devotional programs are conducted. In front of the temple is a Dwaja stamba , a fire-walking bed.

Temple is open between 7 AM to 12 PM and extended till 1 PM on weekends. Overall a nice weekend spot to visit with family and friends and enjoy the long ride.