RevanaSiddeshwara Betta - SRS Hills - Bangalore weekend destination

In this post , we share our visit experience to Sri RevanaSiddeshwara Hills near Kanakapura , about 60 kms from Bangalore city

Highlights of this spot
  • Popularly known as SRS hills is named after sage Sri RevanaSiddeshwara who is believed to be incarnation of Renukacharya founder of Veera Shaiva Siddantha
  • Sage RevanaSiddeshwara is believed to have performed penance here
  • At the bottom of this 3000 ft monolithic hill are temple sanctums having Renukambha , Basavana , Bheemeshwara , VeeraBhadra , Marula Siddeshwara , Ganesha idols
  • On top of hill are 2 mantaps RudraMuneshwara  & Siddharameshwara with a small shiv linga which is believed to be self formed - a small pond is formed adjacent to this mantap.
  • On descending just below on the other side of the hill below these mantaps is Sri Revana siddeshwara small temple adjoining the rocks & a small pond.

Revana Siddeshwara Temple on hill top

Temples at bottom of hill

It was around 4 PM when our team visited here , we had to rush & trek the hill fast as temple on-top of hill gets closed by 5 PM.  The path to reach on hill top is managed very nicely with iron rod supports and steps carvings. We managed to reach on top of this 3000 ft hill within 35 minutes.

Stairs carved on rock


Surrounding Lake view

On reaching the top of hill - we noticed 2 mantaps and stand with 3 bells. In each of these mantap was a small shiv ling . Devotees believe these were self-formed and perform pooja here. There is a small pond next to this temple. We noticed many monkeys around , though they were polite unlike their nature ! On descending around 30 to 40 steps on the other side of the hill from this mantap , we reached Revana Siddeshwara temple . There is another pond adjacent to this temple where devotees perform pooja.

Mantap on hill top

Although there are stairs carved on rock to reach this spot - it is advised to avoid senior citizens climbing these as they are too steep & slippery . 

As it was almost approaching sunset , the place was quite cool filled with breeze. The scenic views from this spot were awesome. After spending an hour , we started descending back to bottom of hill where we took darshan of VeeraBhadra Swamy , Bheemeshwara Idols. 

Road view from hill top

Pond beside Revana Siddeshwara temple

Shivlinga inside Mantaps on hill top
At the bottom of hill - few hawkers sell snacks & refreshments . Few hotels & shops may be noticed nearby . Its recommended to carry a water bottle while trekking the spot as there is no provision for any food supplies on hill top.

Temple is open for darshan & pooja between 9 AM to 2 PM and between 2.30 PM to 5 PM . Overall an awesome spot to visit with family & friends. Do trek this hill and share your experience.