Karishma Hills - Thuralli forest - Trekking

In this post, we share our visit experience to Thuralli forest hilltop , popularly known as Karishma Hills.

Highlights of this spot

  • About 15kms from city center
  • Trekking spot , 20 min walk to hill top , difficulty level - normal.
  • Shanimahathma temple on hill top
  • Shivalinga, nandi idols on hill top
  • Although this belongs to Thuralli forest, its known after the layout Karishma Hills which is beside this hill.
  • Good scenic views from hill top.

We headed to this spot on a sunday noon , took the banashankari 6th stage Thuralli forest road. However to our luck, the road inside the forest area was blocked , so we were forced to take the trekking path.

We drove through around BSK 6th stage roads, and reached at the hill bottom on the other side. Although known as Karishma Hills, this is only a forest hill - may be gained popularity from a layout name Karishma Hills in the vicinity.

The sun was booming over us and were already sweating before trekking !! We took some refreshments in the only bakery available on roadside , relaxed a bit and started our journey.

We noticed few local friends group celebrating a party with some hot drinks here :) . The track was clearly visible, noticed few snake nests at the start, so be careful to visit in a group with some good pair of shoes. Track was not much difficult, we enjoyed climbing through the hill rock muddy paths.

After about 15 minutes, with just 50 mts away from hill top - we heard temple ring bells sounds. Soon we reached the spot. Which is the highest point on this hill. Sanctum adorning Lord shanimahathma ,in front of crow idol was blissful to watch. We took darshan , some snaps and started descending back. Surprised by few two vehicles parked in front of temple, we tracked back and came to know they had takem the other path from Thuralli forest which was blocked for us.

From top of hill, a glimpse of growing south Bengaluru could be noticed, temples such as omkar hills, iskcon vaikunta hills may be noticed. We came across a police Constable here, when asked were advised to visit this spot only in groups as there were cases of robbery from some miscreants.

Overall a good spot to exercise your muscles with a trekking sprint . Best time to visit would be early morning hours. Do visit this spot and share your experience.