Kaiwara - Amaranarayana swamy , Bheemalingeshwara temples

In this post , we share our team's visit experience to Amaranarayana swamy and Bheemalingeshwara temples at Kaiwara , a one day weekend destination from Bengaluru about 70 kms from city in Chikkaballapur district.

Highlights of Amaranarayana swamy temple

  • Ancient temple believed to be existing since period of Lord Rama 
  • Idol of Amaranarayana believed to be concentrated by Lord Indra
  • Compared equivalent to Thirupathi Thimappa
  • Temple believed to be constructed during period of Hoysala Kings.
  • Has total 3 sanctums , Lord Vishnu in form of Amaranarayana is worshipped here. Other idols include Rama , Seetha & Lakshmana
  • Few mantaps available for tourist boarding inside the temple

Highlights of Bheemalingeshwara temple
  • Shivalinga in form of Bheemalingeshwara is worshipped here
  • Believed to be existing since period of pandavas
  • Believed to be consecrated by Bheema of Pandavas after killing Bakasura to get rid of the sin.
  • Shivalinga for each Pandava i.e Arjuna , DharmaRaja , Nakula , Sahadeva
  • Its beleived - On the hill in front of temple where Bheema used to meditate. There are some imprints - but we did not get chance to see them.

These temples are open in morning between 8 AM to 1.30 PM and in the evening between 6 to 7.30 PM.  A nice calm spot to spend time with family and friends . Do visit this spot and share your experience.