Kaidala Chennakeshava temple - Tumkur tourist attractions

In this post , we share our visit experience to Sri Chennakeshava temple at Kaidala a historic spot near Tumkuru , about 70 kms from Bengaluru city.  

Spot Highlights
  • Believed to be constructed during reign of Hoysalas i.e  around 10-13 century
  • Lord Vishnu in form of Chennakeshava Idol
  • Lord Shiva in form of Someshwara Idol
  • Sculpted by famous amarashilpi Jakanachari and his son Dankanacharya

Our team took  Bengaluru - Tumkur highway , passed through the Shimoga blistering highway to reach this spot by around 11.30 AM on a weekend covering about 70 kms from Bengaluru city. Temple surrounding is well maintained and there is ample space for parking. Surrounded by village houses , it seemed in the midst of Kaidala village.  

AmaraShilpi Jakanachari is believed to be main sculptor of this temple. There is a myth saying post completing this temple , the broken right hand of Jakanachari got restored and hence spot came to be known as 'Kai' dala. Kai in kannada means hand.

Temple is being maintained by government of Karnataka . Although famous in this region , temple attracts less visitors . We entered the big gopuram entrance , carvings of Vishnu at entrance resembled Hoysala sculpture styles . Unfortunately priest was not present , however main sanctum was kept open for Darshan. 

On entering main sanctum , we took darshan of the mighty 5 feet idol of Lord Chennakeshava . Temple area is totally calm , one can relax on the green bed inside the temple compound. Other attractions include mantaps for Lakshmi & navagraha outside the main santum.  Manuscript stone carvings are installed for visitors.display.

Besides this temple , is another ornate pillared Shiva temple which was closed for darshan . Localites informed this is open only on Mondays and priest has to be informed if poojas have to be conducted. 

Temple is open for darshan from morning 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM . A very unique historical spot worth visiting with your friends and family . Do visit this spot and share your experience.