What should you do if vehicle towed by Traffic police

Few of us may have experienced a terrible feel on noticing our bike or car parked is no longer visible at the spot .  We end up asking in surrounding what really happend there - has it  been stolen  , was it moved to any other location by some one etc . 

No need to panic . Relax !  99% it would be a case of Traffic police towed if vehicle parking is against norms or rules been violated.  Especially in Bengaluru , traffic police are more vigilant . A hefty towing charge of up-to Rs.750 for two wheeler and up-to Rs.1100 for 4 wheeler will be charged.

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So what should you do if you find your parked vehicle missing - 

  • Check with locality people who are nearby to parked spot . 90% - they may have seen traffic police towed your vehicle in your absence

  • Call up traffic control room number -  080 2294 3131 . Inform about your exact location i.e Area and some popular landmark. They will have info on officers on job in respective areas and share contact number of officer
  • Speak to officer immediately ,  share your vehicle model , registration number and confirm if they have really towed the vehicle and where you can collect them
  • If they are nearby you are lucky , else you have to end up meeting them at Area police station .  Ensure you have at-least the towing charge + transport fare in your wallet to reach the spot.  If you are with a family , arrange a alternate transport for them as you may need to visit police station and may take time to settle. Be patient , if officers are at lunch it may take some more time to address your case. 
  • One you meet officer , they shall guide on reason why they had to tow the vehicle , inform about charge payable.  Always Note - a fine is intended to correct a mistake & create awareness , if you feel its a mistake from you end in parking promptly pay the fine and get a bill. Don't try to bribe . If you are convinced its not your mistake , then you may take up to higher officials at police station with proof. 

Readers - Do share such cases you may have experienced and how you managed to get your loving vehicle back !!