RanganathaSwamy Madhyaranga temple , SivanaSamudra

In this post we share our visit experience to RanganathaSwamy Madhyaranga temple at SivanaSamudra a tourist location about 2.5 hours journey from Bengaluru

Temple & Spot History collected - 

  • Lord Ranganatha situated here at Sri madhya Ranga Kshethra on the banks of river Cauvery is one of the oldest temple of Krutha yuga (Before Rama Avatar) 
  • Lord Ranganatha has been worshiped by Devendra & saptha rishi sages . Lord Ranganatha is most enchanting and so beautiful with his eye-catching magnetic appeal which earned the lord the title of Jaganmohana Ranganatha
  • River Cauvery which flows like a garland on either side , was obstructed by a Rakshaasa who had taken form of a huge rock , who later prayed Lord Shiva - who killed the demon and the cauvery continued her journey . Hence the name Shivana Samudra for this place
  • Sri Rama is said to have offered oblations to his Pithru's in Cauvery flowing effortlessly admist rocks here
  • Lord appears as Ranganatha , reclining on the majestic Shesha , at three different locations in Bhuloka on Islands , surrounded by Cauvery , Shrirangapatna , Sathyagal & Sri Rangam are the places where lord appears as Aadi Ranga , Madhya Ranga and Antya Ranga respectively
  • Legend id that Devendra had a curse and for removal , the Saptha rishi suggested to install idol of Ranganatha at this place and should be replica of Lord Maha vishnu in Vaikunta. Devendra installed this Saligrama idol and later redeemed his curse
  • Saptha rishis take their Saayam Sandhya bath and perform other holy rites daily in the river banks of Cauvery at Barachukki. Hence this place is also called as Saptha Rishi Kshetra 
  • Amrutha kumbha which was in galaxy was brought down by Saptha Rishis and it is kept under the Sanctum Sanctoram 60 ft below below Idol. This kumbha meant to rejuvenate the whole world after pralaya. At present kumbha is being guarded by Anjenaya , Goddess Durgadevi & Agasthya Mahirshi with LopaMudra. 

Do visit this spot and share us your experience.