RamaLingeshwara temple , Avani , Mulbagilu - a marvelous sculpture

In this post we share our team visit experience to RamaLingeshwara temple , Avani at Mulbagilu about 100 kms from Bengaluru.

Highlights of this temple

  • Ancient temple renovated timely by Dravidians , Cholas , Vijayanagar kings
  • Myth says during Ramayana - Rama his brothers Lakshmana & Bharatha have consecrated Shiva lingas here during their exile period in search of Sita
  • Temple complex has more than 7 garbhagrihas dedicated to shiva lingas consecrated by Rama , Bharatha , Lakshmana , Lava Kusha , Vali , Sugreeva , Anjaneya etc

Temple pillar carvings

Temple complex

Ramalingeshwara shrine

Ramalingeshwara shrine has a garbhagriha , an antarala and navaranga. The pillars in the navaranga are of the ornate type resemble to manastambha design. The adhistana has mouldings decorated with kirthimukhas and lions. The walls have plasters surrounded by Dravida towers . Linga is of dark stone 2 ft smaller than Lakshamalingeshwara linga

Inside mantap

Temple Gopurams

LakshamaLingeshwara shrine

LakshamaLingeshwara shrine is assigned to Nolamba period of 10th century AD. This shrine is most ornate in the complex. The temple on plan has garbhagriha , an antarala and a navaranga . The navaranga has four pillars have relief sculptures and the ceiling has Uma-Maheshwara surrounded by dikpalakaas. The linga in the garbhagriha is the largest in complex. The south Mahadwara is of chola period. On the extreme the adhistana has five mouldings , ornated with a row of kudus , friezes of elephants , lions , yalis and makara heads . The walls are relived by pilasters and sculptures of Yakshas , Dwarapalas , Shiva , Bhairava , Bhairavi , Vishnu , Ganesha etc . The brick tower is of late Vijayanagara period. It has the biggest linga in the complex.

Ramanjaneya shrine

Has a navaranga with shape resembling ardhamantapa with ceiling of nine padmas only. Its northern pierced screen has too finely shaped lady dancers. 

Temple complex view and Avani Hill

Kalyani pond in temple complex

The temple staff informed at Avani there are about 109 such lingas worshipped at different parts of the village. There is a small temple on Avani hill dedicated to Sita , a spring water called Antargange and spot believed to be  similar to DhanushKoti.

Carvings and Scripture on temple walls

Temple entrance

Temple is open everyday for pooja between 8 AM to 11 AM in mornings , 8 PM to 9 PM at evenings. Good road connectivity from National Highway . Ample temple complex space ,  families enjoy lunch in mantaps . Temple staff may be reached on mobile number 9481437363 for poojas and functions.

Overall an awesome must visit spot in Mulbagilu , do visit this place and share us your experience.