Kadri Manjunatha Temple , Mangalore - Tourist destinations

In this post , we share our team visit experience to Kadri Manjunatha temple at Mangalore , Dakshina Kannada district.

Temple highlights

  • Shiva linga in the form of Manjunatha is worshipped here
  • Shiva linga believed to be existing since 10th century
  • Its believed Parashurama did penance at this spot , pleased by his bhakthi Lord shiva reincarnated as Manjunatha at this spot.

Temple Entrance gopuram

This temple is in the midst of a residential area . Our team visited here after taking darshan of Katil durga parameshwari night stay about 30 minutes journey to this spot. 

There is good parking facility in front of temple , on entering inside the gopuram temple complex we noticed a unique ganesha temple of 3 to 4 feet high engraved with gold color plates. 

Temple Sideview

Inside is a spacious big sanctum of wooden structure , we took a circular round and entered on the other side . In the small sanctum inside , we took darshan of Shiva linga in the form of Kadri Manjunatha.

There are few ponds at a height of this temple which is quite unique of its kind. Devotees usually take a dip or shower this holy over their heads before entering the temple . Rituals are conducted here.

Temple pond

Hanuman statue

Overall an awesome spot to visit with family and friends . Do visit this spot and share us your experience.