Kalaseshwara swamy temple , Kalasa , Chikkamagalur tourist destinations

In this post we cover our visit experience to Kalaseshwara swamy temple at Kalasa , Moodigere Taluk , Chikkamagalur district about 5 hours journey from capital Bengaluru.

Our team on the way to Sri Annapoorneshwari temple at Horanadu departed from Bengaluru in the morning . We took the Bangalore - Mangalore highway , via Halebeedu and reached this spot around 4 PM . We stayed at a guest house very near to this temple. 

After taking some rest after a long drive , we visited this temple around 5 PM . It was a cool day , there were two entrances to this temple , one from the bazaar street and the other through the residential area. On entering inside we were greeted with the convention hall where programs are conducted here.

Construction style of the entrance resembled a typical south kannada wooden pillar structure. There is a unique AneGanapathi temple here. After passing the entrance we got a glimpse of main sanctum , sun was setting down faster by evening , it was bit dark. 

Sthala Purana / Significance of the spot has a story - Saint Mitravaruna had done penance at this spot to to gain control over Swarga . Noting this Indra , the king of swarga tried to break their meditation by sending apsaras to disturb their concentration. Other devataas through Pancha Bhootas Varuna , Agni , Pruthvi , Jal and Aakash formed a insulation to protect the sages. As this place is in the form of a Kumbha it got its name as Kalasa.  There is another story - Agashtya sage who is believed to be born at this spot usually visited the Girija Kalyana crossing Vindhya parvath every 12 years . But once the parvath had grown so high such that sage was not able to cross it , Lord Shiva being aware of same , appeared before & granted a boon to agasthya to travel back to south where at this spot , shiva along with Parvathi shall reside in form of kalaseshwara where daily girija kalyana can be performed.

Men have to wear a dhothi or remove their shirt and enter inside as a respect to deity. Inside the temple was a very silent , vibrant atmosphere . Shivalinga in the form of kalaseshwara is worshiped here . We took darshan and prasad - spent some time rounding the sanctum where images of this spot was posted. 

At the temple , one may shop for dry fruits , spices at the shop counters at reasonable price. If you are prone to vomit sensation after a long drive , do taste the masala chocolate here.

A nice spot to visit on the way to Horanadu . Do visit this spot with your family and friends and share your experience . Temple is open in morning between 6 AM to 11 AM and in evening between 5 PM to 7.30 PM.