Marriage Engagement checklist - a practical reference to plan engagement event

Marriage Engagement is one of major milestones in one's life . Its a celebration event marking start of wedding rings bell , inviting your close guests and friends and letting them know about your future partner. Though may seem as simple event it has many activities involved and planning to it . One has to carefully plan the activities and execute at the right time for making it a memorable one. In this article we share a checklist of practical activities carried out in one of our South Indian Hindu wedding events . Either if one hires an event manager or plans it independently , this checklist may serve handy for faster and better planning.


* Estimate your approximate guest count for event , decide whom to invite 
* Booking the venue , making payment advances at-least 40 to 50 days in advance
* This is a very important and foremost activity as many venues in demand may get booked faster during peak seasons.
* Its important to review by visiting in person venue hall capacity , seating and floating capacity , facilities for rooms to change dress , power backup , parking space , bathroom and toilet facilities.
* Some venues offer food in the package. So its better to discuss and decide on food menu planned for the event when you visit venues . This may also help in negotiating prices
* Choose a venue which is nearer to both families . This shall ease coordination and utilizing your local contacts for assistance. Remember if you choose very remote areas , you may end up spending time and money on transport for any gaps if you are managing the show.
* Leave an inquiry at websites like venuebooking etc who provide services sharing info on available venues based on booking status. These provide free services which shall reduce time spent searching and evaluating venues visiting in-person.
* Inquire at venue whether necessary items like tables , chairs , lighting are provided by default. Some venues charge extra for these.
* Review and verify whether Bookings happen for venue rent or some charge based on price per plate as in hotels , resorts etc.


* There is a saying usually many guests attend an event to enjoy the food served. So ensure to make their tummies happy. Discuss along with your fiance and family on food menu and finalize
* Decide whether food serving shall be on Buffet or on tables , plantain leaf serving etc arrange them from tent house as needed
* Discuss at venue whether outside food vendors are allowed or it must be inhouse.
* Ask for food items menu , choose your combination and negotiate on price.
* Ask for a sample meal to know the taste . This helps to evaluate if chefs at hotel , resorts etc suit to your desired taste
* Its recommended not to pay full booking amount . Use 10% - 50% - 40% formula. Pay 10% as advance and rest 40% before 1 week of event and rest post event

Service Vendors Booking

* Once you are done with venue and food its time to start booking service vendors for your engagement dates
* Beautician - for bride , groom and family as needed
* Photographer - for photos , video shoot and albums
* Decorator - For stage , venue flower decoration etc
* Priest - as applicable for activities at event
* Bakery - for engagement cake 
* DJ - if music or dance is planned at the event
* Hotel Accommodation - for guests who are visiting for far off places
* Tailor - for dress fitting customization
* Invitations - for event invitation cards
* Jeweler - for any orders on jewels
* Make advance payments & regular Followup with vendors once a week till end of event.
* Start above booking activities at-least a month in advance to event.


* Shopping list never ends depending on how luxurious is the event and one's spending limits
* Keeping it short in this article we categorize shopping as below
- Clothes and Dress shopping for Bride , Groom for event - Dress fittings customization may take 10 to 15 days 
- Clothes and Dress shopping for Family members for event usually for parents accompanying at event
- Jewels for Bride , Groom - engagement rings etc
- Pooja items as per priest checklist
- Gifts for guests at event as needed
- Fresh flowers , garlands as needed just before the event day 
* Start above booking activities at-least a month in advance to event.

Finally note you and your fiance will be on stage attending to guests and will have no time running after vendors and stuffs on the event day . Delegate your tasks to your closed ones and friends , seek their assistance for these arrangements while you enjoy the stage with your loved one. We hope this checklist may provide a rough idea and help to plan your event . Do write to us your comments and feedback.