How to spend time and be active during a lock down

With COVID-19 pandemic around , many countries are fighting to eradicate the virus  through social distancing measures and lock-downs for specific duration. Wondering how to spend time productively during a pandemic lock down , below are few tips which help to keep you active throughout such lock-down periods.

(1) Prepare a to-do checklist 

There is a popular saying  "Plan the work , Work the Plan" , which means before starting any work  spend some time to plan what to do , how to do , when to do and start working on one by one as per that plan. List down all activities what you want to do for the next day or week . During a lock down you may start spending time for more activities at home , preparing a routine - allocating a fixed time will assist to complete routine tasks on time . Slowly this also develops as a habit and you will notice any work is not tiresome and sense of daily accomplishment sets in keeping you happier.

(2) Keep in touch with your family and friends

It may be hardly possible to travel during such crisis times to meet friends and relatives. With technologies in place and almost everyone using smart phones its easier nowadays to keep in touch over a internet Video call , Voice call conference. While working on normal days , we may have no time to reach many of our dear ones due to busy schedules  , utilize this time to reach them out and keep in touch. Plan to call one or more members everyday. If you are working from home , speak to your team members regularly. 

(3) Exercise , Regular workout routine

Maintaining a fit body and mind during this crisis time is very important as its quite easy to get bored and drained being at home for long hours. Maintain a regular exercise routine  - in absence of gym access - include possible options at home such as stretches / walking for short distance - if not possible outside , then on terrace or in corridors / Yoga asanas, Using Stairs etc . Get some sunshine and fresh air in the morning or late evening when climate is cool . 

(4) Nurture your Hobbies 

If you have always been missing on your favorite hobbies due to time constraints  this is the time to utilize .  It could be reading favorite books / preparing new food recipes /  cleaning your home , creating craft works , drawing etc 

(5) Help in household activities

During a home lock-down , it may be restricted to travel outside their home. This means services may not be available of house maids , cooks etc unless staying in same house . In such conditions , house maintenance activities like cleaning clothes , utensils , dusting , preparing food , gardening , watering plants etc need to be managed by family members. Though in initial days spirits may be high , naturally adds to pressure . Dividing the activities among all family members , helping each other as a team work makes any such work easier and fun.

(6) Keep Learning everyday 

Learning anything new everyday keeps the mind active and vibrant . Setup your mindset to learn something new everyday during   , it could be learning a new skill , a new food recipes , a new book , a new technical course , an online certification , reading a new article , watching documentaries etc . Online Sources like YouTube videos , learning apps etc host thousands of self learning content , so your end up getting further better after lock-down.

(7) Volunteer , Help others in need

Pandemic lock down conditions affects many jobs who may not be able to work from home.  Those who depend on daily wages , small business etc get halted during this period which results in very less or no income to lead and feed their families . Government comes to rescue in such situations helping with essential food supplies. Some may have insufficient funds to buy medicines etc . This is the time when your help as a responsible citizen is needed helping your countrymen fight the crisis. You may volunteer by participating in social works , distributing food to the needy , feeding animals , helping the police , medical staff working on ground , collecting and sharing donations etc

(8) Teach something

Teaching a skill which you know to others may help the community. If you find some free time activities impart your knowledge creating a facebook live program , a youtube video , writing an informative blog , a webinar etc 

(9) Don't get overloaded with news

Those were days when people waited for a daily news update once in morning and evening . Its a feast for media especially nowadays regional television news channels during these situations where they continuously load with news , surveys etc  create unnecessary hypes , repeating the same news .  Lending ears to such news for long times in a day may drain energy. Instead spend some 30 minutes on day's summary bulletins on TV / Radio you trust and act on them. Newspapers if available help in knowing the condition around you. Scan through trusted news websites for a live update instead of repeated updates. Read through how past pandemic situations were handled 

(10) Take good rest

This is the opportunity when you get time for a good rest . Keeping your body and mind cool is very important during these times . Take a oil bath massage at home , sleep for 7 to 8 hours . Practice early to bed , early to rise habit. 

(11) Entertain

Add some fun times , entertain and get entertained watching with family a TV show , movie which you never saw earlier . With social applications like FaceBook , TikTok , WhatsApp etc  - create and post your own videos occasionally - it may be a solo dance step  , with family members , a funny video , creating memes etc time to grow your followers 😀

(12) Be Smart , Groom yourself

Access may not be possible to beauty parlors , saloons during these times . Not maintaining your regular styles for long time may make you feel weird.  Groom yourself , take help of your family members for a minimal hair cut , oiling , trim etc and flaunt in style.