Antharagange , Kolar , Bangalore weekend destinations

In this post , we share our visit experience to Anthara Gange at Kolar district about 70 kms from Bengaluru city

About the spot

  • Antharagange is considered as one of sacred and scenic spots to visit in Kolar district.
  • Anthargange is a regional kannada word meaning "Ganges flowing in between"
  • Main attraction is the water spring which passes through a basava / bull idol is believed to be sacred . The source of water spring is not known
  • Hill top Kashi Vishveshwara temple in the campus where Lord Shiva in form of shiva linga idol is worshiped. It is believed this idol was consecrated during the period of parashurama
  • Temple pond or Kalyani where the water spring is collected and considered sacred for devotees
  • Situated in a forest area , the rocks formed in the campus form a good trekking spot.

Our team visited here during July-August month . Reaching the spot using google maps was simple and roads are good . One may get a feel and doubt about the scenic nature of the spot as within 0.5 kms from entrance , area is occupied for residents . There is no road to temple and one has to take stairs. About 400 to 500 steps . Light refreshments hawk shops serving Buttermilk , Juices , Snacks can be spotted on this path.

Surrounded by lush green , this path gives a forest experience. Small mantaps on the sides of path offer some curious caves and Idols. Just at the entrance of temple , we were greeted with herd of monkey families.

Temple seems to have undergone periodic renovation . Some old carvings may be spotted depicting its age. One can have a calm experience at the temple. 

Kalyani or Pond water was not maintained in its full clean state . May be it was during the pandemic we had visited. Feeding monkey families are allowed and a must do experience.

Behind the temple on the rock faces there are provisions to climb to the hilltop to enjoy scenic views. We spotted few peacocks at this spot chirping on the forest trees.

One of the perfect weekend picnic spots to enjoy with family and friends . Best time to visit will be early morning trekking along the area , exploring the caves . It may be riskier for senior members to climb the rocks as there are no proper steps. Do visit this spot and share us your experience. Happy exploration, Stay safe