ThatteKere - a thrilling bangalore weekend destination

In this post we share our visit experience to Thattekere lake , one of the weekend destinations from Bengaluru.

About the spot

  • ThatteKere is a lake situated in ending forest area of Bannerghatta ending at entrance of Kanakapura district , under the supervision of forest department of Karnataka
  • Lake area ranges approximately 15 to 20 acres.
  • About 40 kms - 90 minutes drive from Bangalore city.
  • A forest lake where animals such as Elephants , Deers , Leopards etc visit for water
  • Also known for crocodiles having history of attacking pest animals
  • Mahadeshwara Temple on the lake banks where pooja is conducted only on Mondays and special occasions.

There are two routes to reach this spot one from Kanakapura Harohalli road via  Thattakere village and second route via Bannerghatta Harohalli Road after passing the forest area. The forest route is usually closed and opened only on Mondays.

This spot is known for elephants who visit in groups and locals reported incidents of it entering inside the village damaging crops . Hence the border of this lake is well covered with electric fences. Entering inside is strictly recommended under the supervision of officers at the spot.


Our team took the lake trail path , about 1km from the entrance gate to reach the lake banks crossing the bunds.  On the other sides of lakes is the forest area covered with lush green . 

On the other side of lake there was small kalyani pond constructed which is believed for the temple devotees to take bath and recreation.  Our team spotted trees which were broken by elephants , some egg like structures on the banks which we were not clear whether it was of  crocodile species. However we could not spot any animals during our visit at noon.

Locals reported there was an incident in past of a young man loosing his hand to a crocodile attack while inside the lake with his pet. Since then such recreation activities are strictly not allowed at this spot. Forest monkeys were all around at the entrance , some devotees feed them at frequent visits.

We strictly recommend to visit this spot only in groups under proper supervision of forest department officers at the spot as its a forest area and chances of being attacked by animals are high. There are no shops at the spot , so visitors are advised to carry sufficient food and water supplies.

Overall an awesome weekend destination to enjoy the calm waters with family and friends. Do visit here and share us your experience.