Natural care - Steam Bath - Benefits and Precautions

Steam Bath

One of the simple and natural treatments to relax body muscles. It involves about 15 to 20 minutes exposure to steam in a contained setup. 


  • Improves skin circulation , opens up skin pores and helps to cleanse the outer skin
  • Reduces muscle soreness and restores muscle strength
  • Loosen stiff joints thus reduces skeletal pain
  • Burns calories thus promotes weight loss
  • Relieves congestion hence good for cold and sinus problems
  • Boosts immunity


  • Drink 2 glasses of water , before and after treatment
  • Keep the cold compress over the head during the treatment
  • Take cold water bath or cold foot immersion immediately after the treatment
  • In case of giddiness , fatigue , headache , blurred vision - stop the treatment and come out of cabin

Average cost of steam bath

  •  Rs.500 to Rs.1000
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