Sahaaya App for BESCOM related complaints grievances

Sahaaya App for BESCOM related complaints grievances


Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited (BESCOM) serving the Bengaluru metropolitan area provides an active customer support attending to complaints / grievances . With its existing customer care dial number 1912 , SMS 58888 it extends the convenience to its customers via the Namma Bengaluru Sahaaya handset app through which complaints / grievances can be registered.  

Users have options to raise and track grievances of below categories through app providing the details , uploading a image or video . Once grievance is registered a unique reference ID is generated which can be used for further communication. The technical staff details such as Name , mobile number responsible to resolve the grievance is also available

Failure of Power Supply

  • Fuse off call
  • Line Breakdown
  • Line breakdown (Pole broken)
  • General power cuts

 Voltage complaints

  • Voltage fluctuations and flickering
  • Voltage variations where no expansion or enhancement of network is involved
  • Voltage variations where up-gradation of  distribution is required
  • Opening of Neutral (High voltage)

Meter complaints

  • Inspect and check correctness
  • Replace Slow , creeping and stuck meters
  • Replace burnt meters if cause not attributable to consumer
  • Replace burnt meter in all other cases  

Billing Issues

  • Where field report is not required (Arrears / Excess Billing / Online payment / Bill print)
  • Where field report is required (Bill not received / meter not read by MR / Wrong reading taken)
  • Re-connection of supply following disconnection

 Safety Issues

  • Straightening of Bent pole (Grounding / return supply in neutral)
  • Replacement of damaged pole (Wire sagging / providing intermediate pole)
  • Shifting of poles (Line passing close to building / shifting of transformer )
  • Tree trimming

Theft vigilance

  • Direct connection
  • Meter tampering
  • Interference with meter
  • Unauthorized extension
  • Mis use of power / tariff

New connection / Additional load / Phase conversion / Transfers

  • Release of supply where service is feasible from existing network
  • Release of supply  where network expansion / enhancement required for providing connection
  • IP sets
  • Conversion of LT single phase to LT three phase
  • Conversion from LT to HT and vice versa
  • Title transfer of ownership (name transfer / address change)
  • Change of category (wrong application tariff )

Refund / TC

  • Refund of deposits
  • Issue of certificates
  • Additional TC
  • TC Enhancement

We hope this utility may be useful for Bengaluru citizens to bring forward to BESCOM notice any issues and take part in the development and maintenance of their localities. Do share with us your experience in the comments section how this utility helped in resolving your grievances 

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