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Baby delivery charges in multi-specialty private hospital , Bangalore

Are you searching for how much expense it may incur for a new baby delivery and hospitalization in a multi specialty private hospital in Bangalore. Here is one such information post which may help you -


The hospital cost breakup usually consists of below categories

  • Admission charges - for initial paper work and registration charges.
  • Procedure charges - involves charges towards operating doctors , surgeons , operation theaters etc
  • Anesthesia charges - if anesthesia is provided
  • Medical supplies and consumables charges - for all the medical supplies , consumables like mask , gloves , disposable tool kits , injections etc
  • Doctors consultation charges - for visiting doctors everyday.
  • Lab charges - for reports such as Ultrasound scan , ECG , Blood test reports etc
  • Room and Nursing charges - Room rent and general nursing charges.
  • NICU charges if applicable - if delivered baby is observed for detailed tests
  • Pharmacy - towards tablets and medicines post delivery


Cost Estimate 

As above category charges vary from one hospital to the other , usually hospital admission staff share a cost estimate which includes all above charges for a specific stay period. One such cost estimate of a multi specialty private hospital in 2021 is shared below -   

  • For Normal Delivery without anesthesia - for a 2 days stay at hospital
    • Ultra deluxe room - Rs. 75,000
    • Single room - Rs. 65,000
    • Twin bed share - Rs. 60,000
    • 4 bed share  - Rs. 55,000
  • For Normal Delivery with anesthesia - for a 2 days stay at hospital
    • Ultra deluxe room - Rs. 83,000
    • Single room - Rs. 73,000
    • Twin bed share - Rs. 68,000
    • 4 bed share  - Rs. 63,000
  • For C-Section Delivery  - for a 3 days stay at hospital
    • Ultra deluxe room - Rs. 1,25,000
    • Single room - Rs. 1,10,000
    • Twin bed share - Rs. 95,000
    • 4 bed share  - Rs. 85,000

If post delivery , baby gets admitted to any NICU for extensive care then for each day it may cost approximately Rs.15,000/-

Above are only estimates and actual may be marginally less or more than the values mentioned.  Hope this info will help to make a good choice suiting requirement.

Dear Readers  - have you incurred similar expense during delivery hospitalization , do share your experience in the comments section below.