How to arrange a COVID vaccination drive at your society

Keeping your loved ones , family , neighbors and society you live safer during a pandemic like COVID is of utmost importance. Vaccination provides the necessary elements to fight against the virus keeping us healthier. If you are in a society , you are safer only when the community around you is also safer . Vaccination of all members ensures your society is healthy and should be taken up with highest priority.

Arranging COVID vaccincation at Resident Welfare Associations

Below are few tips on how to arrange a vaccination drive at your society -

  • Discuss the importance with your society friends , society committees - form a volunteer group - depending on the size of the community , form a volunteer committee for necessary activities co-ordination. For a community of 250 residents , a voluntary group of 10 members will be good to share the responsibilities. 
  • Collect a survey of society residents
    • How many need vaccine , how many are already vaccinated - Using survey options like google forms / over call / message groups , collect info on vaccine requirement .  
    • Details such as Name , Gender , Age , Contact number , Any comorbidity , Occupation category , Number of vaccination doses already taken  - may be collected as government prioritize based on these categories.
  • Check Government Stock Availability - Communicate the requirement with public health center health officer - They will share info on the stock availability and if not available share details how to partner with a private hospital and conduct the camp.
  • Understand the protocol and standard procedures (SOP) to be followed for conducting a drive - read the SOP once . In Bangalore -
    • It is required to have separate isolated minimum 3 separate spacious rooms i.e for Collecting applicant details , Vaccination Room , Waiting Room . Ambulance for any emergencies 
    • Permissions from the Constituency Health Officer 
  • Decide on the vaccine supplier  , collect the prerequisite information - Reach out to one or more vaccine suppliers such as hospitals , NGOs .  
    • Collect details such as what is the vaccine cost , vaccine type , minimum number of bookings needed , registration procedure 
    • How applicants get bills for their registration , eligibility categories and on which dates they have schedules available. 
  • Fix a date , communicate  invitation to residents - try to have it over a weekend or public holiday if feasible so that many residents can join. Communicate clearly and completely.
    • Date , Venue , Google map location , Timings 
    • Vaccine Type , Age group , Eligibility criteria such as First dose / Second Dose / Any , Whether only for residents / open to their friends  also 
    • What ID proofs and other documents if any they need to get at the venue
    • Registration needed with cowin.gov.in , supplier portal registration 
    • Etiquette such as mandatory Face masks at venue.
    • Walk-in allowed or not.
  • Take confirmed bookings - using the supplier registration utility or a google survey form / any other means , take confirmed bookings by collecting the vaccine charges in advance. This will help to make necessary arrangements reviewing the counts. Communicate the head count with some buffer of 10% to 15% extra to the supplier. Allocate time slots for member batches so that there is less less crowd and there is flow of visitors.
Arranging COVID vaccincation at Resident Welfare Associations

Arranging COVID vaccincation at Resident Welfare Associations

  • Vaccination day arrangements
    • Issuing a event invite pass
    • Visitor Vehicle parking arrangements
    • Tables , Chairs , Shelter , Storage arrangements for the vaccine supplier staff
    • Food facilities for the vaccine supplier staff.
    • Seating arrangements when in queue / waiting room / vaccination room
    • Counters with clear nameplates / prints numbering  - for Inquiry , Registration , Tokens , Vaccination Room ,   Waiting Room with easy commute path. 
    • Marking for members to stand in queue with physical distancing.
    • Sanitizers at every counters
    • Vaccine storage facilities
    • Bins for consumables safe disposal
    • Volunteers at every counter for guiding the visitors.
    • Help those vaccinated to check their vaccine confirmation acknowledgments , certificates as needed.
Hope above tips are useful . Are you a volunteer who has participated in conducting such camps , do share your experience in the comments section.