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How to book crematorium slot online using BBMP call center

BBMP Crematorium slot online bookingDuring COVID crisis , many lost their lives fighting the virus , death rate saw an unanticipated spike. This surge in death rate caused a sudden demand at the crematorium where people had to wait in long queues for hours and even days for the deceased final rites.


Government to provide hassle free service has introduced crematorium slot booking online or through its call center service. Below is a step by step procedure on how to book crematorium slot using call center

1)  Identity Proof : Take a snap of Aadhaar card of the deceased , if not available equivalent identity card such as Voter ID card or Ration card may be taken.

2) Collect Medical certificate details -

  •  If expired at hospital , then collect Form no.4 , which is the medical certificate of cause of death from hospital with details about the patient, cause for death. 
  •  If expired at Home , then collect Form no.4A at the nearest Government Hospital or Public Health Care (PHC) . Doctors may optionally visit home to inspect and issue certificate.

After collecting above mandatory details , call customer care number 

3)  Call customer care number +918495998495

  • Share the medical certificate form and Identity proof details collected 
  • They may advise to share details over WhatsApp to this customer care number
  • Share details with preferred crematorium  location  
  • Agent will share details on available slots if available or share details of any other nearby crematorium details

4) After reviewing the details , customer care agent will book the slot. A confirmation SMS will be sent to the registered calling number . In the SMS , name of the deceased , Crematorium , slot date and time , a token number is sent. This important SMS to be stored and used at the time of visit to crematorium and related services.  BBMP offers free ambulance or vehicle to take the deceased to the cremation ground.

Article posted in public interest . Do share your inputs in the comments section.