Useful app Urja Mitra to get BESCOM power outage information in your area

In these times when work from home has become a normal , imagine you are on a office call in a meeting and suddenly there is a power cut at home . Even after long time for hours there is no power and your backup power may be a UPS or Generator is depleting , what would you do ? In some situations when you do not have power backup , how long will you wait and miss your important meetings ?

One way to get an update on such power cuts is through calling BESCOM helpline 1912 and collect info about the problem status . In news papers and news websites they may publish about such scheduled power cuts . Is there any other way to get the current status of such power cuts and resolution time ?

Urja Mitra app for Power Outage information



Yes , there is a very useful handy app Urja Mitra providing information of such scheduled power cuts , ongoing outages . Urja in Hindi means Energy and Mitra means friend. This app definitely serves as a useful utility to track power cuts and plan routine activities  accordingly.

Urja Mitra app for Power Outage information

Urja Mitra is an initiative of Ministry of Power, Government of India which provides Outage management and notification platform for dissipating the outage  information to power distribution consumers across India through SMS / Email / Push Notifications

It also provides Pan-India integrated Mobile application for Android and IOS platforms to enable citizen to access outage information for distribution companies . Power consumers can also inform about power outage in their area through mobile app


Uses of Urja Mitra App

  • Track scheduled outages of your area
  • Track ongoing outages of your area
  • Track power outages across any area in India
  • Scheduled power cut SMS alerts on registered mobile / Email

Download this useful app today and be on top of power cut information in your area . Do share your experience of using this app in the comments section.