Government says Share books - Not shawls , garlands flower bouquets

It is a general gesture trend - when meeting politicians , ministers , government officials greeting with shawls , fruits , garlands and flower bouquets . Be it a meeting to greet , some function to congratulate or honor felicitation , lobbying - this gesture is a common practice.  

Especially during election times and large meetings when a party leader conducts campaigns there will be a huge pileup of such flower bouquets from followers which may last in their hands for maximum few minutes , some even not a minute and fades away in few days.

Now chief minister Sri.Basavaraj Bommai has taken a very good initiative to make these gifts a more memorable one . An initiative is started by government recently where a circular on 10Aug21 was passed .

Share Books instead of shawls , garlands flower bouquets , government initiative


  • In any government functions or programs , while meeting government officials , ministers - it is insisted to not gift shawls , Peta hats , garlands , flower bouquets , souvenirs or any other memento
  • Instead gift books

These books may be useful to officials or later be even handed over to the books library in respective constituencies which lasts longer for many years as information source for many.

This is a good initiative by the government , setting a good example for all in general. This will help in making the gifts more useful , lasting for many decades.