Beware of this trending Work from Home online fraud , Cyber crime

Mahesh , a technician working in a private company was interested to earn some secondary income during his free time and was searching of various opportunities available. Tracking the promotion messages in his mobile he notices an SMS from a source "QP-AKLDMO" with message content "I am project Manager , we are hiring a team, you can work from home . Daily salary up-to Rs.10,000/- Accept jobs on whatsapp wa.me/919703213390. AKL " . Interested , Mahesh inquires on above contact link to collect information about the nature of job , found it to be a shopping reselling commission based job and enrolls to it. After a day , Mahesh finds himself loosing more than Rs 20000/- and raising a complaint with cyber police !  How did he really loose this money ?

Mahesh was found trapped in a latest trending online fraud of Work from Home . Here is how he shares complete details how he got duped.
Beware of this trending Work from Home online fraud , Cyber crime

  • The operator who offers the work from home job communicates over only whatsapp through a invitation link.
  • Operator shares instruction on the nature of job as - earn from home just by using a smartphone ; shares a task from online stores such as selling Amazon , Flipkart products etc which after completing Mahesh will receive a commission . The task sent by the online mall is a virtual order purpose of which is to increase the promotion rank of a product
  • Mahesh has to make a a initial investment which operator calls it a recharge in amounts of Rs.200 / 500 up-to even Rs.50000/- ensuring a bigger return
  • Operator asks Mahesh to register on a website link - mall133.com where user registers with mobile number and password.
  • After login , Mahesh gets a option to recharge their mall wallet by adding money through various channels such as debit / credit card / UPI / internet banking etc 
  • Mahesh now selects a option "Grab task" where the operator assigns a specific product  which displays a image with price of popular products listed on online shopping portal like amazon , flipkart etc  with commission details , which Mahesh can buy using the wallet amount .
  • On purchase the app displayed validating by merchant and immediately within a minute shows the app wallet balance credit with both purchased amount and commission up-to 100% !
  • Now the operator lures Mahesh by allocating another higher price product task with increased commission rates for which user has to recharge his wallet with additional amount from his bank to meet the margin.
  • Now Mahesh with a greed to earn more commission starts adding extra money from his bank to this app wallet and finds himself in a loop of getting tasks and constant commission
  • At the end  , the operator communicates Mahesh the wallet amount can be withdraw only if all tasks allocated are completed which in nature does not occur at all ! 
  • Now Mahesh realizes he has been victimized and duped to have lost all his money which he invested from his bank account.  
  • The operator turns out to be a fraud en-cashing the amount which is transferred from Mahesh account to their personal account.

For a second , imagine how many such people like Mahesh may have been lured due to greed for quick profits on investment and how the fraud operator loots their hard earned money . Many victims like Mahesh caught in this trending work from home fraud have lost from thousands to even lakhs without realization . 

It is advised when involving in such business one has to thoroughly scan the nature of activities , read reviews on internet for authenticity before jumping in greed for quick money making.

Shared in public interest by our community member.