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Vanitha Sangathi BMTC free bus pass for garment workers

Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has recently announced a scheme Vanitha Sangathi under which it is issuing free monthly bus passes to working women in garment factories.

Vanitha Sangathi in kannada means Women friendly. This scheme will provide a relief to the working women in garment factories to utilize the safer BMTC buses for their daily commuting at no charges. Garment workers usually follow a specific fixed work timings and depend on buses , auto , railways to reach to the factories on time. With an objective to provide safer commute , support transport expenses BMTC has launched this scheme.

Vanitha Sangathi BMTC free bus pass for garment workers

How to apply for this free bus pass

  • Workers have to submit an application request to their factory management about enrolling to this scheme and take an authorized letter
  • Factory  management will make a list of all such applications and submit this list to Labor department Workers Welfare board periodically
  • Labor welfare board staff shall review the applications and provide a list of eligible workers list to BMTC
  • After collecting relevant documents BMTC collects about 40% fare share  from respective garment factories and labor board through RTGS / NEFT , arrangement is made to distribute free passes at Majestic Kempegowda Bus Station.
  • An ID card will be issued by BMTC
  • Pass can be used only within BMTC regular bus services limits
There are approximately 6 lac garments workers in Karnataka of which 60-70% work in Bangalore.  Most of the workers travel a long distance some from villages . Schemes like these will provide good relief.