How to use BBMP free 24x7 helpline 1533 for complaints and resolution

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Pallike (BBMP) offers various channels for residents of Bengaluru to raise complaints , grievances and resolution. One such channel is the 24x7 helpline number 1533.  This helpline was had initially served many during the COVID pandemic and now extended to few more services of BBMP. Here is how residents may know how to use this helpline and benefit from it.

About 1533 helpline

  • BBMP 24x7 help line available at free of charges , similar to a toll free number
  • Residents of Bengaluru who wish a raise a complaint can call this number 1533 from their mobile and register a complaint
  • Helps in connecting with the local ward engineers responsible for each BBMP works division for grievances resolution assistance
How to use BBMP free 24x7 helpline 1533 for complaints and resolution

How to use 1533 helpline

Here is a customer journey example on how one may utilize 1533 helpline.
  • Before calling the helpline , collect and note the details of BBMP ward number , Address and Land mark of the location where a problem is noticed , details about the problem , contact number on which BBMP can share updates . This information will be handy in providing right information to the call attendant
  • Dial 1533 from your mobile . On answering the call , helpline prompts user to choose their preferred language . Choose the preferred language after which it connects to a call attendant
  • Share the complaint details and information on the location where the problem is noted. Call attendant collects all details , Name and contact number and registers a complaint. 
  • On registering complaint , a short message SMS is sent to the contact number shared with the complaint number , summary of issue reported and the responsible engineer contact number which may be noted for tracking and followup. The complaint number is used as the tracking quick reference for subsequent calls.
  • Details of the issue is also updated to the responsible division ward engineers along with the contact number who may reach the residents and collect further details , share resolution timelines.
  • Updates will be received over SMS on every change in status of the complaint registered till closure of the complaint
  • If any of these complaint registered are not closed satisfactorily or  delays observed , it may be used as reference and escalated and brought to notice to ward officials in ward committee meetings held currently every 1st and 3rd week Saturday of the month at respective ward offices.

1533 helpline Services

Below is the list of BBMP services categories under which complaints may be submitted or information may be collected . BBMP plans to add more such services in future for the benefit of residents

  • Solid Waste Management
  • Road repairs and maintenance
  • Underground drainage
  • Main road pot holes
  • Street lights
  • Pest control
  • Street dogs and animals control 
  • Forest and Horticulture
  • Crematorium booking
  • Property Tax issues inquiry
  • Business permits licenses
  • Birth , Death , Khatha certificates
  • Building layout  , plan approvals
  • Medical Vaccines 
COVID-19 related
  • Information on vaccination centers
  • Testing centers
  • Hospital bed blocking
  • COVID care / Quarantine centers
  • Triaging for infected patients
  • Primary health centers
  • Ambulances

Have you used this helpline and found it useful ? Do share your experience and review in the comments which may help others to utilize this service.