Raksha bandhan story , why one should wish soldiers this day

For Indians , Raksha Bandhan is a major festival and belief which has historic background.

In the story of Pandavas and Krishna , Once an event was arranged at Sri Krishna palace where all invitees had gathered. While inviting all guests Sri Krishna himself was cutting the fruits and serving them . Accidentally one of the knives fell on his hand and started bleeding. Taken by anxiety the guests around started screaming asking to get a cloth to tie around the cut to stop and protect from further bleed. Draupadi who was around immediately cut a part of her saree and tied around the cut stopping the bleed. Krishna thanked Draupadi and since then developed a greater affection and love for her and determines to take her of her and protect her as his sister.

Since then when Draupadi and Pandavas were to leave for a brief exile period , Krishna helped them to fight against the odds of Kauravas. During the dice gamble game when Pandavas loose the game , were helpless and Kauvaras try to humiliate Draupadi , Krishna was there to help her. The knot which she tied Krishna to protect and stop the bleed the other day turns out to protect her as Raksha when she needed.

Raksha bandhan story , why one should wish soldiers this day

There is another story when Vishnu took the Vamana avatar , after moving King Bali to lower world - Bali asked a boon that Vamana should be in his kingdom in his absence which acted as a detention to Vishnu . During that time Lakshmi tied the Rakhi knot to Bali , requested and released Vishnu from the detention.

From these stories one may understand the significance of Raksha bandhan . Though it signifies brotherhood protection , it is not restricted to brothers protecting their sisters and is vice-versa. The Raksha which was then Rakhi is not just a thread , has a deep emotion attached. Kings used to exchange Rakhi with their peers to make new relationships and harmony in their states.

Our soldiers irrespective of day and night , irrespective of summer , winter , cold , rain seasons have pledged to protect our motherland at the border from surrounding enemies . They have pledged to safeguard their brothers and sisters within the country with their relentless services.  Sacrificing their family time , leaving their family and children for days and months they take responsibility of protecting the nation watching the border. In event of any enemy attack , they bravely fight and never fear to sacrifice their life for saving the nation. Isin't it our soldiers providing real Raksha even though they are not having a blood relationship with us.  During this Raksha Bandhan event , along with wishing our brothers and sisters , its our duty to wish our soldier brothers , sisters and and their families good health and harmony