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Utilize these BESCOM incentive rebates and save on your electricity bills

Bengaluru Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) provides various incentives , rebates and discounted tariff schemes for its customers . Below is one such list which consumers may utilize and save on their electricity bills.

List of incentive offers and rebates

  • 0.25% rebate on the monthly electricity bill for values exceeding Rs.1,00,000/- and payments made before 10 days before the due date
  • 0.25% rebate for all advance payments made above Rs.1000/- monthly electricity bills
  • Free replacement of all analog mechanical meters to electrostatic digital meters.
  • BESCOM pays interest on the security deposit amount . This interest is usually credited during the month of June or July and is deducted from the monthly bill
  • Under the SouraGruha program , subsidy ranging between 20% to 40% for Solar roof top installations for Homes , Resident Associations.
  • For HT consumers , under the Discounted Energy Rate Scheme (DERS) , provides a Rs.6 unit tariff discount for additional electricity consumption
  • SC/ST - BPL BESCOM consumers can now avail 75 units of electricity supply for free by submitting the required documents to their respective BESCOM Sub-divisional office. Copies of  BPL card , Aadhaar card , Caste certificate , Bank pass book to be submitted to avail same.
Utilize these BESCOM incentive rebates and save on your electricity bills

  • For HT consumers , Under the special Incentive scheme (SIS) , Excess energy consumed by the eligible consumers, over and above the average base consumption as arrived at during the non-peak period between 10.00 Hours and 18.00 Hours, shall be allowed a discount of Rs.1.00/- per unit  , for usage between 22.00 hours to next morning 06:00 hrs , a discount of Rs.2.00/- per unit in the bill
  • Lowest charging rates for EV vehicles at EV charging stations at BESCOM centers in the city . Rs.7.51 for fast charging , Rs. 6.84 for standard charging and  Rs.6.70 for slow charging 
  • Solar water heater rebate of up-to Rs.50
  • Free charging at 2 sockets for Ather electric vehicles at BESCOM K.R Circle office
  • HT consumers can opt Green Tariff by paying an additional tariff of 50 paise per unit over and above the normal tariff

Some penalties consumers have to be aware  

  • If the usage is more than the sanctioned load , then such usages are charged at 1.5 times the regular bill charges and this is accounted under the Penalty section in the electricity bill