How to age well , here are few tips

  • Don't get involved in the children's lives.
  • Do not interfere with grandchildren's education.
  • Love your son-in-law and daughter-in-law, it was your son/daughter who made the choice.
  • Never take sides or give opinions on their wedding.
  • Don't be an old complainer.
  • Don't be an old man with self-pity.
  • Don't keep talking ABOUT MY TIME, it's already past, nobody is interested in your history. 
  • Have plans for your future.
  • Don't talk about sickness or  diseases.  No one is interested.
  • No matter how much you earn, save an amount every month.
  • Save some money for your funeral or at least have a plan.  Don't leave the burden to the children.
How to age well , here are few tips

  • Have a health plan or save some money for medical expenses.  (If possible)
  • Don't stay or  tuned too much to the news or politics, after all you won't be able to solve anything.
  • Just enjoy your  TV program or listening to your favourite music. Learn to have fun and don't get anxious or upset about any news.
  • If you like it, keep a pet for companionship.
  • Stay active, perhaps, learn to cook, make garden, exercise, go for a stroll. Whatever it is, just don't sit around and do nothing. 
  • Keep yourself neat and clean all the time. Maintain personal hygiene. 
  • Accept aging happily, till then, enjoy each passing  day and live wisely.
  • Let age be a bridge to the future and never a ladder to the past.
Finally, don't keep good whisky, wine or beer for tomorrow, it might be too late! Let your life be a celebration , a joy and a blessing to many . Cheers