Karnataka Police E-Lost report portal , Report lost item online

Loosing an item is one of the stressful conditions to be in. Be it its misplaced or lost item - victims will be looking for immediate help and support to get their assets back and may sometimes have to take assistance of Police. Such complaints may be lodged either by visiting the police station or over call. Now , the Karnataka Police has enabled a new convenient way to raise and track such lost items complaints through its E-Lost portal

What is E-Lost report portal

E-Lost is a web portal developed and maintained by Karnataka State Police (KSP) providing services for the benefit of citizens , who may register a lost item complaint online furnishing all details . If the lost item is found , police reach out to the registered contact number and share updates who can collect back the items , hence making the whole processing very faster , without any physical need to raise a complaint , tracking the complaint status online anytime on the portal. This is also available as a smartphone handset app.

Karnataka Police E-Lost report portal , Report lost item online

How to use E-Lost portal

  • Open the web link - https://kspapp.in/ksp/api/elost-reports
  • Login in using the Single sign-on login linked with the Aadhaar number
  • Fill the online form with details about the lost item with images 
  • On submitting the form , a acknowledgement number is generated with a soft copy of the information report
  • Using this acknowledgement ,status of the report may be tracked online

Some of the highlights of this feature as mentioned in KSP website -

  • A police report of any article lost in the Karnataka State can be lodged through mobile app or on e-Lost Web Portal
  • The period starting from a particular date and time and ending on a date and time during which the article or document was lost may be entered
  • The information of the lost item gets registered in an electronic format at State Crimes Record Bureau, Bengaluru. No inquiry or investigation is conducted based on this
  • A lost article report acknowledgement is generated and is sent on the user's email
  • Reporter can lodge police report through this application, if they have lost or misplaced any article or document while in Karnataka State.
  • This is only an information to police based on which no inquiry or investigation is performed. The information so given gets registered as an electronic record for future reference and for any necessary action by any agency
  • The report is digitally signed and any authority may verify it online for issuing duplicate
  • Reporter can scan the QR Code present on the document, the original copy of the document will download from official e-Lost portal
  • There is no need for the reporter to submit this at police station


Karnataka Police E-Lost report portal , Report lost item online 3

Karnataka Police E-Lost report portal , Report lost item online 4

Karnataka Police E-Lost report portal , Report lost item online 5

Overall a very useful utility for citizens of Karnataka as an attempt to find their lost items through assistance of Police and involved agencies.