Mavathur lake waterfalls, Kanakapura weekend destinations

In this article we share our visit experience to Mavathur lake about 100 kms from Bengaluru situated at Mavathur village , Kanakapura taluk , Ramanagara District , Karnataka.

During our excursion we located this lake , which was worth a visit. We started off from Bengaluru city taking the Kanakapura highway . Just before entering the Kanakapura town , one diversion road to the left took us to the Mavathur village. Roads were narrow in the village , at some points it was difficult for 4 wheeler to take the high humps in the village.  After passing through 4 to 5 kms , we asked villagers on the way and reached this awesome spot. 

Mavathur Lake , Kanakapura - 1

We managed to drive our car off-road till the lake dam point . This was quite risky though as there is only enough space for one car to take the road. If it happens another vehicle visiting from opposite end , then we would have ended up a back turn . To our luck , we managed without any hiccups. 

At the spot , was the beautiful lake spread across acres with a dam through which excess water was flowing out which formed a water falls passing through rocks. It is at this spot near the rocks where it was quite safe to enjoy the waterfalls and the flow.

Mavathur Lake , Kanakapura - 2

Mavathur Lake , Kanakapura - 3

Mavathur Lake , Kanakapura - 4

Mavathur Lake , Kanakapura - 5

There were multiple points at the spot at which one may reach the water point , but not all points are safe as some were really deep. There were incidents reported of some visitors trying to swim at some dangerous spots and had to spare their life. So its better to avoid such spots and take the rocky side below after the water passes through dam.  It was a Sunday where there was quite good visitor count who were enjoying with their family swimming and passing through the waterfalls bath. 

There is very less access to food , snacks and water at this spot. One has to take sufficient supplies before entering the village as there were very less shops. We spent almost 3 to 4 hours enjoying in the lake waterfront and departed by evening . Best time to visit this lake will be in morning and noon to spend some good time with family and friends as a picnic spot with some lunch arrangements.  There may be good water flow during the rainy , monsoon seasons and may slowly dry out during summer.

Mavathur Lake , Kanakapura - 6

Mavathur Lake , Kanakapura - 7

Mavathur Lake , Kanakapura - 8

Mavathur Lake , Kanakapura - 9

Mavathur Lake , Kanakapura - 10


Overall a very nice weekend destination from Bengaluru to hang out for a one full day with family and friends. Do visit this spot and share your experience with us.