Sri Kshetra Honnava Mantralaya Mandira , Honnaganahatti Raghavendra Swamy temple

In this post , we share our visit experience to Sri Kshetra Honnava Mantralaya at Honnaganahatti  near Tavarekere about 25 kms from Bengaluru city

Highlights of this spot

  • Constructed during the year 2013
  • Sri Raghavendra Swamy Brindavan , Panchamukhi Anjaneya idol , Narasimha Swamy idol worshipped here
  • Unique way of worship

We visited this temple on a Sunday weekend . After passing through Magadi road near Tavarekere we took the diversion towards Honnaganahatti . Ride was smooth and there was ample parking space at the temple. One of the mango gardens is converted to parking area, during the summer season bunch of mangoes may be seen in all trees at this garden . From the outset temple has one sanctum in which Sri Raghavendra Swamy Brindavan , 5 faced Panchamukhi Anjaneya / Hanuman , Narasimhaswamy  idols are consecrated. We took darshan and had the lunch prasad. What surprised us the most were how devotees offered pooja and there a series of bags tied at the sides of the wall of this temple. When asked about this interesting practice, temple staff shared details and few surprising events which occurred at this spot.

According to them - In 2013 construction activities were started , Sri NarasimhaAcharya Joshi who is the main priest and initiator of this temple thought to first start a pooja using a photo of Sri Raghavendra swamy instead of constructing a Brindavan following shortage of funds.  Sri Joshi used to get dreams in which Sri Raghavendra Swamy instructed him to establish a Brindavan at this spot. During 2015 , on a Vijayadashami day he decided to perform a Yagna , during the Yagna from the Homa Kunda Poorna Ahuthi flame , structures of Sri Vinayaka ( Lord Ganesha) along with Mushika ,  Hayagreeva and Kamadhenu were noticed , were taken by surprise . Under the guidance of senior priests Sri Joshi then took the initiative of constructing Brindavan. 

When asked about the unqiue way of worship and series of bags across the walls , they informed its known as KaiSankapla where devotees pray to get rid of their problems , any black magic etc by offering a coconut and ghee deepam  . By creating a 21 ghee deepam , devotees take around 16 rounds of the Brindavan sanctum followed by 54 rounds around the coconut and tie the bag.  This is followed for few weeks as instructed by the priest.

Free lunch in the form of Prasad is offered . Temple is open from morning 6.30 AM to evening 8 PM . Overall a unique spot to visit and know the culture around.