3 Life lessons from life of Shankarnag , the icon

Shankar Nag was a legendary actor, director, and producer who worked in Kannada cinema and television. He was also a popular cultural icon of Karnataka, who was often referred to as Karate King. He died in a tragic road accident in 1990, at the age of 35, leaving behind a legacy of memorable films and shows. His life and work can teach us many valuable lessons, such as:

- Follow your passion and talent: Shankar Nag was passionate about theatre and cinema since his childhood. He moved to Mumbai to pursue his dreams and immersed himself in Marathi theatre. He also met his future wife, Arundathi Rao, during a drama rehearsal. He later shifted to Bangalore, where his elder brother Anant Nag was already a successful actor. He made his debut with Girish Karnad's epic film Ondanondu Kaladalli, where he played a mercenary who earns a position in a rival army to get even with his brother, whom he considers his enemy. He won the inaugural IFFI Best Actor Award (Male): Silver Peacock Award\" at the 7th International Film Festival of India for his performance.

- Be versatile and innovative: Shankar Nag acted in around 80 Kannada films during his film career of around 12 years. He was an unconventional hero and was given the title of \"Karate King.\" He played a variety of roles, from action heroes to comedy characters, from romantic leads to negative roles. He also co-wrote 22 June 1897, a National award-winning Marathi film. He made his directorial debut in 1980 with Minchina Ota, which he also produced and wrote. He directed several other films, such as Janma Janmada Anubandha, Geetha, Accident, Ondu Muthina Kathe, etc. He also introduced new technologies and techniques in Kannada cinema, such as computer graphics and underwater photography. 

- Make a positive impact on society: Shankar Nag was not only an entertainer but also a social activist and visionary. He directed the evergreen teleserial of the 1980s Malgudi Days, based on novelist R. K. Narayan's short stories and acted in some episodes as well. The show captured the essence of rural India and its simple joys and sorrows. He also initiated the country's first private FM radio channel Radio City on 3 July 2001 in Bangalore along with B. V. Radha . He also had plans to start a parallel cinema movement in Kannada and to build an amusement park for children in Bangalore. He was also involved in various social causes, such as literacy campaigns, environmental awareness, etc.

3 Life lessons from life of Shankarnag , the icon

Shankar Nag was a multifaceted personality who lived his life fully and intensely. He inspired generations of people with his talent, creativity, and charisma. He also showed us how to pursue our dreams, explore our potential, and contribute to society.

Some of his famous quotes
- "I don't want to be a star. I want to be an actor. I want to act in good films." ¹
- "I am not a hero. I am just an actor who does his job sincerely." ²
- "I don't believe in success or failure. I believe in doing what I love and enjoying it." ²
- "I have a dream of making a film that will make people think and feel. A film that will not only entertain but also educate and enlighten." ²
- "Life is a journey, not a destination. We should enjoy every moment of it and learn from every experience." ³
- "The world is full of problems and challenges. But we should not lose hope or give up. We should face them with courage and confidence." ³
- "We should not judge people by their appearance or background. We should respect everyone as human beings and treat them with kindness and compassion."