Friend in need is friend indeed , Moral stories for all ages

Once upon a time, there lived a mighty lion in a dense forest. He was the king of the jungle and all the animals feared him. He roamed around the forest and hunted whatever he pleased.

One day, he was sleeping under a shady tree after a heavy meal. He was snoring loudly and peacefully. A little mouse was passing by and saw the lion sleeping. He was curious and wanted to see the lion closely. He climbed up the tree and jumped on the lion’s back. He ran over the lion’s mane and tail, tickling him and disturbing his sleep.

The lion woke up with a start and felt something moving on his back. He looked around and saw the mouse. He was very angry and annoyed. He caught the mouse in his paw and roared.

“How dare you wake me up, you tiny creature? Do you know who I am? I am the king of the jungle and you are nothing but a snack for me. I will crush you and eat you right now!” he said.

The mouse was terrified and begged for mercy.

“Please spare me, O mighty king! Please don’t kill me! I am sorry for disturbing your sleep. It was a mistake. Please forgive me. I am too small and insignificant for your meal. If you let me go, I will be very grateful to you. Maybe someday I can repay your kindness,” he said.

The lion laughed at the mouse’s words.

“Repay my kindness? How can you ever help me? You are so weak and helpless. You can do nothing for me. But I am feeling generous today. I will spare your life and let you go. But don’t ever come near me again or I will not show any mercy,” he said.

He opened his paw and let the mouse go. The mouse ran away as fast as he could. He thanked the lion and promised to help him someday.

The lion shook his head and went back to sleep. He thought that the mouse was foolish and delusional.

A few days later, the lion was wandering in the forest looking for prey. He saw a herd of deer grazing in a clearing. He decided to attack them and have a feast. He hid behind a bush and waited for the right moment.

As he was about to pounce on the deer, he heard a loud noise. He looked up and saw some hunters coming towards him. They had guns and nets with them. They had seen the lion and wanted to capture him alive.

The lion was caught off guard and tried to run away. But it was too late. The hunters threw a net over him and trapped him. The lion struggled to free himself, but he could not break the net. He roared in anger and frustration.

The hunters were very happy and excited. They had caught the king of the jungle alive. They planned to take him to their village and sell him to a circus or a zoo.

As they were tying up the net, they heard a squeaky voice.

“Leave him alone! He is my friend! Let him go!” it said.

They looked around and saw a little mouse standing on a rock nearby. He had heard the lion’s roar and came to see what was happening. He recognized the lion as the one who had spared his life before.

The hunters laughed at the mouse’s words.

“Your friend? How can this beast be your friend? He is our prize and we will not let him go. And what can you do to stop us? You are so small and weak. You can do nothing for him,” they said.

The mouse did not listen to them. He ran towards the net and started gnawing at it with his sharp teeth. He made a small hole in the net and enlarged it gradually.

The lion saw what the mouse was doing and felt surprised and touched.

“You came back to help me? You are risking your life for me?” he asked.

The mouse nodded and continued his work.

“Yes, I came back to help you. You spared my life before and now I am repaying your kindness. You are my friend and I will not let them take you away,” he said.

He worked hard and fast until he made a big hole in the net. The lion crawled out of the net through the hole and freed himself.

He thanked the mouse for saving his life.

“You are very brave and loyal, my friend. You have proved that size does not matter when it comes to friendship. You have done more for me than I ever expected. I am sorry for underestimating you before. Please forgive me,” he said.


The mouse smiled and hugged the lion.

“You are very kind and generous, my friend. You have shown me that strength does not mean cruelty. You have given me a chance to live and to help you. I am glad that you are safe and free,” he said.

The lion and the mouse became the best of friends. They helped each other and protected each other from danger. They lived happily in the forest and no one dared to harm them.


A friend in need is a friend indeed. Friendship is not based on size or power, but on trust and loyalty. Friendship can overcome any obstacle and make any difference. Friendship is a priceless treasure.